August 2018

This months issue is crammed full of holiday projects and features! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 26 Jul 2018

£4.99 Single Digital Issue

£3.99 Monthly Digital Subscription

This holiday themed issue of Dolls House & Miniature scene features contributions from artisans celebrating the best of British, whether it be researching and recreating the now popular ‘staycation’ in the form of detailed kits or packing bags and equipment to join other miniaturists at a weekend break.

And if you are cramming your suitcase, don’t forget your flip-flops! Our miniature version on page 13 can be made in a matter of hours and is a key addition to any beach scene.

But that’s not all, let us inspire you with our holiday themed shopping and Instagram pages and  marvel at the work created by visionary miniaturist Bob Off, inspired by Johannes Vermeer.