February 2017

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First things first, go and put the kettle on and make your favourite brew! Then settle down in your crafting area, lounge or quiet spot and have a browse through the magazine before deciding which project to make first. If it were me, it would be the tiny flower pot stand on page 7. You only need a few key pieces of equipment, a minimal amount of time but what I really love about this project is that is totally unique! The table top is made from a piece of clay, with an impression that can be applied by simply pressing into a piece of patterned material or plastic to create a bespoke project.

Popular builder, businesswoman and contributor Bea Broadwood reveals all and opens up her toolbox to explain which tools she can’t possibly live without. If I were to say to you that she’s got a pair of children’s craft scissors, would you believe me? Turn to page 26 to read about which key items are scattered across
her workbench!

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