January 2017

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On Sale: 22 Dec 2016

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! Here’s hoping that you’re resolving to be a craftier and more productive miniaturist.
Now ask yourself this question, are you the owner of a dolls house that’s tucked away in a spare room? Maybe it’s hidden under a blanket or over the years it’s been left out and is now covered in dust. Has life got in the way and you were unable to finish the project as you so desired? Well, if that sounds familiar, you’re in the same boat as Erin Summers Norman. She’s the owner of a piece of Georgian grandeur, a house that she purchased back in 2011, however life got in the way and she was unable to complete the project as she envisaged. Erin’s resolved that 2017 will be the year that she kick starts her hobby by repairing damage done
to the interior and exterior and by de-cluttering various rooms in a new series called The Return of the Lapsed Dolls Houser. It’s a project that’s going to keep her busy and one she’s going to share with you over the course of the year.

We begin this issue though with a shabby chic, Scandi inspired project by Finnish favourite Kati Kainulainen. And if you’ve never bent wood, yes, bent wood, Kati explains how. We’ve also got lots of ideas to share with you on how to present the perfect winter scene with dioramas by Sadie Brown, Natalie Cleg and Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel. Let our team of miniature experts show you how.

Enjoy this issue!