March 2017

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The Elizabethan era (1558 to 1603) is one of the most captivating periods in the history of England and named after one of our greatest monarchs, Queen Elizabeth 1. While Elizabeth was on the throne, Sir Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh were exploring the world and we saw the introduction of the very first theatre in England, William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

In this month’s magazine, and sticking with the Elizabethan theme, Sadie Brown opens the miniature time capsule to share with you stories (and hopefully a little bit of inspiration) about boybands and guinea pigs, of course they are not the most immediate things you would think about, but there is a relevance!

Our talented team of artisans are this month going to show you how to create an Elizabethan table, a selection of Elizabethan ruffs, a spring wedding themed cake plus much more!

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