November 2015

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Wow! What a busy month here at DHMS HQ. What with putting together this issue, I made the brave decision to re-create one of the projects from this month’s issue!

Knowing that my knitting skills were totally non-existent (and I struggle when holding chopsticks) ruled out the terrific Hobby Horse project and not being very delicate with a small paint brush (give me a roller any day!) I decided not to re-create Monet’s Water Lilies, so instead I opted for Kati Kainulainen’s tiling project.

I made a visit to my local craft store and bought a packet of air dry clay and an ornate stamp (which was heavily reduced) all for under £10.00. All of the otherbits ‘n’ bobs required were lurking in the shed. Of course, I studied all of the instructions, making sure I was comfortable with what I was about to undertake. I laid out all of my materials and tools and made sure that there was a cup of tea close to hand.

As a first effort, it wasn’t too bad, and after showing it to my mum she gave me the same look she gave me some 30 years ago when I made an ashtray in primary school! My finished tile was nowhere near as good as Kati’s, so don’t worry, I won’t be contributing projects to the magazine. I’ll leave that to the experts!