November 2016

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We begin this month’s magazine like we always do, with a project by Finnish favourite Kati Kainulainen. This month Kati shows us how to create a rocking horse, or in this instance a rocking cat! I love the attention to detail when Kati paints and I especially love what she’s created for next month’s issue. More about that though to be revealed on  social media outlets in the next couple of weeks, details of how you can follow/subscribe are below.

Also included this month is a feature piece by Deb Weissler, who interviewed the super talented Brian and Kathy Tepper. Together the Teppers have been creating 1/12th  scale miniatures for as long as I’ve been alive! They’ve explored almost every culture and genre imaginable, continually seeking inspiration to create awe-inspiring miniatures.

Deb says, “For me, the Teppers continue to offer up a cornucopia of styles and genres that continue to astound me. You never know what they are going to come up with next, keeping their offerings fresh and exciting.” It’s a fantastic read and the imagery is stunning.

Before I sign off I must also mention autumn Miniatura, the 67th Miniatura! I went along with my colleague Aev, for her it was her first experience of a miniatures show and although she’d heard talk of what to expect, it’s safe to say her mind was blown and her feet were aching! I asked Aev to write a few words about her day, her story can be found on page 18.