October 2019

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Let me begin by saying hello and welcome to the October edition of Dolls House & Miniature Séance magazine!
If you’re a fan or enthusiast of all things Halloween, you’re going to adore what’s inside this month as we aim to inspire you for the forthcoming spooky season. We begin this issue by opening the doors to the Haunted Heritage and Ye Olde Taxidermist on page 9, two very distinguishable miniature projects by Brae Oktober. The Haunted Heritage is modelled on Brae’s childhood home, an old farmhouse in the suburbs of Chicago, USA, featuring a weathered and worn wood panelled exterior, finished with pumpkins and bare trees in the garden. Ye Old Taxidermist (as seen right) is based on a taxidermy shop. Set in 1915 you will find Clyde, a wonderful hoopoe and Sam the toucan. The taxidermist is more than a showcase that Brae has collected over many years and is also very much a demonstration of her own ingenuity and imagination.

Elsewhere, and as featured on the cover our artisans provide detailed step by steps to show you how to make a terrifying and scary scarecrow, paint Whitby Abbey at night and create a bonfire.

Enjoy the issue.