Mindful Embroidery

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Mindful Embroidery
Charles Henry & Elin Petronella
Page Street Publishing

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The artists behind the popular embroidery blog Charles & Elin share 20 romantic streetscape patterns perfect for people looking for a fun, artsy and trendy way to de-stress. Escape into the most enchanting cities in the world with just a needle and thread. Charles and Elin's unique architecture-themed artwork has taken the growing embroidery community by storm, gathering over 300k followers from around the world. Their street scenes of quaint corners or famous landmarks in romantic cities foster mindfulness as you stitch the straight lines and dwell on thoughts of dreamy travels in the places you are embroidering. Capture the charm of Notre-Dame or the idyllic canals of Amsterdam. Use your thread to bring colour to red roofs of Lisbon and practise your line work by stitching structure into the Brooklyn Bridge.

With only four types of stitches, this beginner friendly guide makes it easy to “threadpaint” an intricate streetscape for a one of a kind design. Each architecturally-inspired pattern captures the most unique visual elements of beautiful cities so that you can immortalize a trip you’ve taken or travel there in your mind, one stitch at a time. For those who are looking for a new creative outlet to help you relax in your spare time or who are curious to try out the growing trend of embroidery artwork blowing up Etsy and Instagram, this book is the perfect place to start.