A Dolls’ House by Erin Summers – Part 6

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09 February 2013
imports_HAC_erin-summers-house-3-_93326.jpg A Dolls’ House by Erin Summers – Part 6
It’s been a while since I told you about starting this room - I’ve been busy seeking out the very best accessories...and finally the room is complete! ...
A Dolls’ House by Erin Summers – Part 6 Images

Music and Sitting Room Part 2

In my last blog about this room, I wrote about hanging the continuous wallpaper and laying down the floorboards.  It’s been a long time between these two blogs but in no way has work stopped on the room.  I’ve been busy seeking out the very best accessories for it that I could find, and in some cases waiting for those items to come into stock.  And finally, once everything had been accumulated, the room was ready to be made complete! 


The absolutely stunning sofa and chairs were made by another Dolls’ House and Miniature Scene writer and miniature maker, Carol Clarke.  I loved her website and after several back and forth emails she sent me fabric samples to choose from.  For the sofa I chose Aqua Silk Brocade, for the chairs I chose a silk which is a very pale shade of creamy gold.  The day my order arrived in the post, so carefully packaged, my heart nearly burst with happiness.  I was thrilled with the result of her obvious talent and great work.  The items are gorgeous; far beyond anything I had ever seen for sale in a shop or auction site and not far off what I would have paid elsewhere either.  I immediately decided I would buy from her again for future rooms, but for now these were just what I needed and I couldn’t wait until I could display them to their full advantage.  Until then though, I carefully packed them away again.  



The harpsichord in the room  is by Glenowen.  I have had this piece in storage for over two years; I bought it even before I bought Grosvenor Hall from Dolls’ House Emporium.   The detail on it is exquisite and I am so happy to finally see it in place after it being wrapped in bubble wrap for so long.  The two side tables either side of the sofa were a nice find.  I chose them because true to the room, they have thin, harp like metal rods between the curved legs of the table.   The side tables and centre table ready to bear refreshments when the family of the house hosts a musical soiree.


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As often happens when arranging a room I had a hiccup at the last minute.  The table I purchased to rest the violin, the clarinet and the urn of flowers, turned out to be much too small for the job, so I had to improvise.  I found a plain wooden table which had been earmarked for the kitchen and varnished it walnut to match the rest of the furniture.  Thankfully it fit perfectly and I had the last of the instruments in place. 


One of the great charms of this room is the ornaments on top of the fireplace.  They are antique miniatures of George and Martha Washington that I snapped up on auction.  I have decided the Duke and Duchess residing here are Whigs which would make them sympathetic to the cause of the New World, and when George Washington travelled from the new United States to England he was wildly popular with the Whigs.  The statues are slightly larger than typical 1/12 scale ornamental statues but given that they are antique miniatures this is not unusual and I have decided the room can stand it. 

The final addition to this room I am afraid isn’t shown in these pictures.  Why?  Because I accidentally threw it away in the rubbish!  I completed the room forgetting that missing detail and took all the pictures feeling quite happy with myself until my lovely PA came to me with a very small ceramic ship with ten sails, beautifully painted.  She asked me, “Did you mean to throw this away?”  I gasped and threw my arms around her in thanks – no I very much did NOT mean to throw it away!  The ship now sits on the fireplace between George and Martha, the final detail echoing the ships in the wallpaper and the theme of sailing off to the New World.  I’m sorry it isn’t shown in the pictures but after breaking my back leaning over for nearly an hour to take them all I couldn’t bring myself to do it all over again for one little ship.  At the end of the series when the house is finished I’ll photograph all the rooms once again and it will be shown then. 


I hope you all like this room.  For myself I think that it is my favourite in the house so far.  I find it warm, inviting and interesting to look at.  It makes me wish to be five inches tall ready to sit down with tea and shortbread with my nearest and dearest and hear the tunes of Mozart played by some talented guests. 

The next room I’m doing is the Dining Room, to the left of the Music/Sitting Room.  That will be decorated in the Jacobean style with some suits of armour thrown in for good measure.  Tune in for the next instalment and thank you very much for reading.

All the best,



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