A-Z of miniature crafts: U is for upholstery

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21 October 2021
Learn how to upholster dolls house furniture with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Carol Clarke, using a miniature chair as an example – but you could choose any furniture you like!

Wondering how to upholster your miniature furniture? Often when you buy a chair, sofa or other item for your dolls house, you like the style but it’s not the right colour! Carol Clarke shows you how easy it is to upholster a chair to match the décor of your room.

DIY miniature furniture upholstery tutorial

By Carol Clarke.

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You will need

  • Chair or sofa of your choice
  • Silk or fine fabric
  • Glue of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Gold paint
  • Miniature braid


1. Choose a piece of furniture to upholster. Carol has chosen a chair with a shield-shaped back.

miniature chair ready to be upholstered

2. Remove the upholstered sections from the chair and carefully strip off the fabric, leaving the card and padded card. If you’re going to paint your chair, as Carol has done in gold, do it now – this will give time for the paint to dry while you’re getting on with the upholstery. 

Upholstered sections of fabric

3. Place each section to be upholstered onto your chosen fabric. Centralise any pattern then cut around the template allowing approx. 6mm around it for folding.

Fabric for upholstering

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4. Starting with the seat pad, make a diagonal cut into the corners.

Fabric for upholstering with diagonal cut

5. For the chair back, ease fabric around the card making folds with any excess fabric on the back. Ease the fabric around the seat pad and cut away the small triangles at the corners of the seat pad and any excess folds around all cushions.

Upholstering miniature chair back

6. Glue the upholstered panels back onto the chair.

Upholstered panels glued onto miniature chair

7. Add some braid to enhance the finished look.

Finished upholstered miniature chair

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