A-Z of miniatures crafts: 26 mini techniques & projects!

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07 April 2022
Miniatures projects and techniques Top left – bathroom tiles by Kati Kainulainen, top right – miniature stained-glass window by Carol Clarke, bottom left – miniature oil painting by Mandy Dawkins, bottom right – miniature 'jam' making by Ann Sutcliffe.
Learn some of the basic miniatures techniques used in the wonderful world of 'mini' in our A-Z series, ready for you to apply to your dolls house or miniature scene!

Looking for a way to dip your toe into a variety of miniature crafts? This is just the series for you! Learn the basics of not one but 26 miniatures techniques, courtesy of our experts. Covering everything from making miniature books, to miniature quilting and the art of wallpapering, you’re sure to be inspired!

A-Z of miniatures techniques

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A for antiquing

Antiquing a mirror - before and after

Want to learn how to give your dolls house furniture an antique look? Learn about the technique and have a go at ‘antiquing’ a miniature mirror with this project by Jane Harrop. 

‘Antique’ a mirror

B for books

Learn how to make miniature books for your dolls house or miniature scene with this brilliant tutorial by Carol Clarke, along with the fascinating history of these pleasures.

Miniature books on a dresser

Make miniature books

C for crochet

Miniature crochet rugs

Bring warmth to your dolls house or miniature scene with this miniature crochet rug tutorial by Lydia Murphy. The difficult part is deciding which colours to use!

Make a miniature crochet rug 

D for decoupage

Miniature furniture with decoupage finish

Transform an ordinary piece of furniture in your dolls house or miniature scene into something spectacular using the decoupage technique, as shown by Carol Clarke. Get you paper stash at the ready!

Decoupage miniature furniture

E for embellishing

Embellished miniature furniture

Learn how to add character to your dolls house furniture by adding decorative features or ‘embellishments’ with this simple project by Jane Harrop. 

Embellish miniature furniture

F for felting

Miniature needle-crafted teddy

Make your own miniature felted teddy bear in this tutorial by Ann Sutcliffe which takes you through the basics of needle felting – a technique that can be used to make all sorts of items for your dolls house or miniature scene!

Needle felted bear tutorial

G for glass painting

Miniature stained glass window

Always wanted to learn how to create a miniature stained-glass window for your dolls house or miniature scene? You’re in luck! This tutorial by Carol Clarke shows you how…

Miniature glass painting

H for hemp

Miniature woodman's cottage

Learn the art of thatching in miniature with this tutorial by Ann Sutcliffe who shows you how to make a roof, ideal for 1/24th scale and smaller, using Plumber’s hemp.

Make a miniature thatched roof

I for inlay

Miniature inlay table top

Woodworking enthusiasts, you’ll love this tutorial by Martin Pearce who shows you how to make a smart table top for your dolls house or miniature scene using the inlay technique. 

Miniature table top

J for jam making

Miniature jam-making scene using liquid polymer clay

Every miniature larder needs a supply of jam! Learn how to make your own in this charming and simple tutorial by Ann Sutcliffe using liquid polymer clay. You won’t believe how realistic it looks! 

Miniature jam tutorial

K for knitting

Miniature knitted pot holder and cloth

Knitting needles at the ready! Jan Pearce talks you through a brief history of knitting followed by two tutorials to test your knitting skills – a miniature pot holder and dish cloth!

Get knitting

L for leather travel accessories

Add a vintage touch to your dolls house or miniature scene with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Carol Clarke – make a leather suitcase or travel bag… or both!

Make leather travel accessories

M for modelling clay

Polymer clay tea set

Confused about which clay to use for your next miniature project? Angie Scarr shares some of her favourite types in this quick guide covering cold porcelain, paperclay and polymer clay.

Modelling clay quick guide

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N for needlework

Sewing a miniature costume

Not sure where to start with making tiny costumes? Fear not! Louise Goldsborough takes you through the main stitches you’ll need to know for dressmaking projects in this quick guide to needlework.

Miniature needlework basics 

O for oil painting

Miniature oil painting

Learn how to paint a miniature masterpiece using oil paints in this step-by-step project by Mandy Dawkins of Miniature Dreams. Plus, learn Mandy’s top tips for painting with oils.

Oil painting project

P for paperclay

Paperclay tiles for dolls house

Get familiar with paperclay in this handy tutorial which takes you through a brief overview of this versatile clay, along with an easy-to-follow project showing you how to make four different flooring styles for your dolls house or miniature scene! 

Paperclay flooring tutorial

Q for quick quilting

Dolls house bed and quilt

Need a quilt in a hurry? This tutorial is for you! Ann Sutcliffe shows you how to create a miniature patchwork quilt in 1/12th scale, with recommendations of the best fabric design to create an authentic finish. 

Quick quilt tutorial

R for repoussé

Miniature trinket on display

Is your dolls house or miniature scene missing a pewter, or trinket, box? Learn how to make your own stylish, miniature version in this quick and easy tutorial by Ann Sutcliffe, using a repoussé technique.

Make a miniature trinket

S for stencilling

Miniature doll's dressing scene

Stencilling is a quick, beautiful and effective way to add decoration to miniature furniture. Learn how to transform your dolls house furniture in this step-by-step tutorial by Carol Clarke.

Stencilling furniture tutorial

T for tiling

Miniature bathroom scene

Always wondered how to make miniature tiles for your dolls house? Learn how in this quick tutorial by Kati Kainulainen using air dry clay – perfect for your mini bathroom or kitchen!

Create tiling

U for upholstery

Dolls house upholstered chairs

Just bought a lovely piece of miniature furniture but it doesn’t match the décor of your dolls house? Fear not – Carol Clarke shows you the art of upholstering in this quick tutorial using a chair as an example. 

Upholster your furniture

V for varnishing

Miniature sink

Get the perfect glossy finish on your dollshouse furniture with this quick guide to varnishing by Jane Harrop.

Varnishing miniatures

W for wallpapering

Wallpapered dolls house

Knowing how to wallpaper in miniature is a useful skill to have under your belt! Learn how to master the technique with Martin Pearce’s tutorial…

Wallpapering quick guide

X for cross stitch

Cross stitching in miniature step by step

Cross stitching in miniature IS possible, just as Sandra Whitehead of Knight Time Miniatures demonstrates in this step-by-step tutorial…

Cross stitch in miniature

Y for yellowing

'Yellowing' miniature newspapers

Want to know how to ‘age’ your miniatures? You’ve come to the right place! Learn the art of aging or ‘yellowing’ your miniatures with these handy tricks from Jane Harrop…

Yellowing technique

Z for zooming

Glasses, tweezers and miniature object

Working in miniature isn’t easy, so here are some tips on lighting and magnification from Jane Harrop to help you see clearly while being creative…

Zooming tips

Finished all of these? Congratulations! Next, step 'outside' with a gorgeous miniature garden series using polymer clay and art clay from Candy Chappill! Or, if you like your history, there are plenty of other projects to try... from quick-make projects like these miniature military crutches through to detailed projects like this Anderson shelter tutorial in 1/12th and 1/24th scale.

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