A-Z of miniatures crafts: E for embellishing

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10 July 2020
Learn how to embellish miniatures for your dolls house furniture with this step-by-step guide from Jane Harrop who uses metal, braid and paper embellishments to beautify miniature ornaments. 

Embellishing is the process of adding decorative features and is an excellent way of bringing character to your dolls house furniture or ornaments. 

There are many items that can be used to create embellishments on miniatures, for example: 

  • Fine and detailed metal filigrees sold by jewellery, craft and egg decorating suppliers
  • Braids
  • Laser cut or punched paper decorations


How to embellish miniature furniture

By Jane Harrop.

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Using metal and braid embellishments

1. Ideally start with an untreated item before beginning the process of embellishing anything wooden.


2. Prepare metal filigrees by spraying with a primer. Once dry, glue embellishments into place using a dab of superglue gel for any metal ornamentation and tacky glue for braids. Don’t allow glue to seep from the embellishments as it will be visible after the finishing process but make sure the decoration is well stuck down.


3. Using crafter’s acrylic or emulsion paint, apply several thin layers of paint, allowing each to dry before applying another.


4. Highlight the embellishments by rubbing the smallest amount of gold metallic paste or shoe polish over the top using your finger or a cloth. Carefully buff with a soft cloth to create a soft sheen. 


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Using paper embellishments

1. Use tacky glue for securing any paper decorations into place and then paint over the item.


2. Use very fine grade sandpaper to gently sand away the paint on top of the paper design and then gently buff with a soft cloth to create a soft sheen.


Embellishments can easily be added to any miniature item. The key is making it appear part of the piece, rather than something just stuck on.

By painting over the embellishments and then treating them with a highlighting medium, such as metallic paste or gently removing the paint on paper or card embellishments and buffing can create fascinating results.

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