A-Z of miniatures crafts: G for glass painting

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26 August 2020
Learn the technique of miniature glass painting and transform a standard dolls house window into an eye-catching feature with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Carol Clarke. 

Wondering how you make a stained-glass window for your dolls house or miniature scene? You’re in luck! This ‘back to basics’ tutorial, complete with a downloadable template, shows you how to create your own colourful window. Once you’ve mastered the technique, the windows of opportunity are endless! 

Painting glass in miniature – a tutorial

By Carol Clarke.

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You will need

  • Dolls house window
  • Dolls house glazing
  • Glass paints (Vitrail by Pebeo)
  • Lead relief liner (Pebeo)
  • Paintbrush
  • Craft knife

Download the miniature stained-glass window template.

How to paint a miniature stained-glass window

1. Choose a focal window that would benefit from the stained-glass finish. This project uses an arched window from the Downton Manor – the window is situated at the top of the central stairway and is a feature of the gallery landing.

Downton Manor dolls house

2. Cut a new piece of glazing for the window. It'll need to be nice and clean ready for the paint application.

Miniature window glazing

3. Using a craft knife remove all of the inner supports from the windowpane, leaving just the outer framework. Sand and paint the cut areas.

Miniature window pane

4. Print out the template and adjust the image size to fit your window, or you can use just the top section. Place the window frame on top of the image and draw around the inside of the frame. This will act as a guide for the image.

Miniature window frame and template ready for painting

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5. Place the design under the glazing and tape it down to ensure it doesn't move. Carefully follow the lines using the lead outliner (the outliner is quick-drying but allow approx. 15 mins drying time). Outlining does require a steady hand, so practice a few times on some paper. If you make a mistake on the glazing panel run your fingernail along the outliner to remove it.

miniature glass painting glazing and template

Miniature window template

6. Fill in the outlined areas with colours of your choice. 

adding paint to miniature glass window

7. Fix the window frame to the stained-glass panel and carefully add a line of outliner to the inside edge of the frame.

miniature glass painted window fixed to frame

8. Fix the window back into the house for a stunning result.

miniature stained glass feature window

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