A-Z of miniatures crafts: L for leather suitcase & travel bag

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14 January 2021
Learn how to make a realistic miniature suitcase and travel bag/holdall in this DIY tutorial by Carol Clarke, perfect to fit in the hallway or spare bedroom of your dolls house or miniature scene!

This DIY miniature leather suitcase and bag tutorial is perfect if you’re looking to add a vintage touch to your dolls house or miniature scene – and they’re so simple to create! Follow the steps by Carol Clarke and you’ll have your travel accessories set made in no time…

You will need

  • Small piece of timber 45x21mm
  • Small piece of fine leather (approx. 1mm thick)
  • Heidi Ott case fittings
  • Balsa wood or thick card
  • PVA glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
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How to make a miniature leather suitcase: a step-by-step tutorial

1. From your length of timber, cut a piece 65mm long and sand any rough edges.

miniature timber block

2. Place the timber on your piece of leather and draw around the base. Carefully cut out the shape. Glue the leather to the base and allow to dry.

miniature timber on leather

3. Measure around the sides of the case and cut a strip of leather to fit. Starting from a corner, glue the strip of leather around the sides of the case.

Cut leather strips for miniature suitcase

4. Cut another piece of leather for the top. Lie the case on top of the leather and allow 6mm for the overhang of the lid of the case.

Cutting leather

5. Centralise the case on the cut piece of leather and glue it in place. Cut the leather on each corner lengthways. Glue down the two smaller edges.

Glued leather

6. Glue down the longer edges and trim the excess to create a neat corner. Add the eight corner pieces and lock in place.

miniature leather suitcase without handle

7. Cut a thin piece of leather approx. 1.5in (37mm) long and cut the ends to a point. Glue the middle together to create the roll of the handle then secure in place around the lock.

finished miniature leather suitcase

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How to make a miniature leather bag/holdall: a step-by-step tutorial

1. Cut a piece of balsa wood or thick card (37x16mm) and a piece of leather (76x69mm). Glue the wood in the centre of the leather.

Glued wood on leather

2. Glue the two top long edges together and fold the middle up and then fold in the sides and fix at the top. Repeat at the other end.

folded leather

3. Cut a piece of contrasting leather the same width of the bag by approx. (10mm). Fold and glue the strip over the top of the bag, fixing a small tab at the front and a split ring for the fastening.

Miniature leather travel bag without handle

4. For the handles, cut two strips of leather (51mm) long. Cut the ends and glue the middle as per the case handle. Fix in place either side of the bag and finish with a dot of gold paint for the fixing.

finished miniature leather bag

Now you’ve mastered the art of making miniature leather travel accessories, explore more of the A-Z miniature series… starting with ‘K for knitting’ where you’ll learn how to make a miniature pot holder and dish cloth!

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