A-Z of miniatures crafts: Q for quick quilting

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17 June 2021
Learn how to make a dolls house patchwork quilt in 1/12th scale in this quick and easy tutorial by Ann Sutcliffe to add character and charm to miniature beds and sofas – or as a decorative touch!

Making a miniature patchwork quilt in 1/12th scale by hand isn’t as difficult as you might think! The choice of fabric is the most important thing to getting the look without the hassle, so choose from a selection of fabrics with suitable small square print designs. 

Easy miniature patchwork quilt tutorial

By Ann Sutcliffe

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You will need

  • Suitable fabric with small design
  • Piece of plain backing fabric
  • Piece of wadding
  • Needle and thread or sewing machine
  • Dressmakers pins


1. Cut a piece of patterned fabric and a piece of plain backing fabric to size. For a double quilt this should be approximately 5x6in, but best to measure against your bed, and leave about ¼in all round for the seams.

patterned fabric and plain backing fabric

2. Pin the materials right sides together and stitch along the top and both sides using neat back stitch or a sewing machine.

pinned materials

3. Clip the corners, turn right sides out, and press. Cut the wadding material to fit inside.

wadding material and patterned fabric pieces

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4. Put the wadding neatly into the quilt cover.

wadding material in miniature quilt cover

5. Stitch the bottom edge closed with the most invisible stitches you can manage.

stitched miniature patchwork quilt

6. Pin through the three layers along the lines on the fabric where the quilting will be. This will hold the layers together in the correct place whilst you sew.

dolls house sized patchwork quilt

7. Choose a thread that will either blend in with the design on the fabric, or one that will contrast boldly - depending upon how neat your sewing is! Sew along the lines with hand stitched small running stitches. Complete the whole grid, and your 1/12th scale quilt is finished! 

Top tips!

  • Substitute a pastel-coloured shiny silky material and use this technique to quilt an authentic miniature eiderdown.
  • To make a miniature quilt fit over a bed rather than sit stiffly on top – and provided the fabric chosen is washable and won’t run – soak the quilt in water and squeeze out the excess. Pin in place over the bed and down the sides into the mattress and allow to dry. When you remove the pins, it should stay in place. This method can also be used to create folds, a crumpled quilt or a turned back quilt.

Now you’ve made your mini patchwork quilt, how about making some cushions to go with it? We’ve got just the tutorial, showing you how to make a miniature intarsia cottage cushion!

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