Art Deco Style Miniature Table - Web Exclusive Beginners Project

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04 March 2013
imports_HAC_artdecostyletable_01237.jpg Art Deco Style Table
This attractive Art Deco style occasional table is simple to make in 1/12th scale for the dolls house. ...

You will need

  • 3 concentric circles of wood for base 2”, 1½” & 1” diameter approximately
  • 1 piece of ¾” diameter dowel 2½” approximately long
  • 1 circular top 3” diameter
  • Saw or wood clippers
  • Wood Glue
  • Fine Sandpaper
  • Wood Stain
  • Gloss Varnish



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  • The finished height of the table should be 3”.
  • Cut the central pedestal dowl so that it is the correct height taking into account the thickness of the 4 wooden circles.
  • Sand all pieces smooth without distorting the shape
  • Glue the 3 smaller circles on top of each other centrally.
  • Make sure that no glue seeps out, if it does wipe away with a damp cotton bud.
  • Allow to set
  • Glue the dowel centrally on top of the circles.
  • Allow to set
  • Glue the table top centrally on top of the pedestal.
  • When the glue is completely dry/firm (preferably overnight) stain the table. I have used a beautiful red oak colour.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Use varnish, sanding sealer or polish to give your table a high gloss Art Deco style sheen.
  •  An optional line of black round the edges of the table and/or base are an attractive Art Deco addition. This can be achieved with a black permanent marker pen (very carefully!)


Wooden circles/discs are available from larger branches of Hobbycraft or if you can't manage getting to a shop, try eBay as there are several sellers of all types of wooden shapes on there.

This project was based on a 'real' Art Deco table I saw at an Antique market, pictured below. I hope you enjoy making this easy and attractive piece for your Art Deco or later dolls house.

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