Bea Broadwood: Why Should You Subscribe?

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31 May 2019
BLOG-SIZE-MAIN-67921.jpg Bea Broadwood: Why Should You Subscribe?
We asked miniatures expert and Exteme Cake Maker Molly Robbins about how a subscription to Cake Decoration &


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But, you may be asking yourself, why else should I subscribe? What can a subscription to Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine offer me?

We could give you so many reasons, but why listen to us? We hear you, so we chatted to Petite Properties' very own Bea Broadwood! Bea is one of our regular contributors and has taken time away from her beloved work room to catch us up on her inspirational journey into becoming one of our top designers!

“Each issue of DHMS magazine crams a vast wealth of miniature knowledge between its covers. Each edition is ready to help, advise, teach and inspire its readers.”


How did you get into making dolls houses?

My path into the miniature world came quite by accident. Back in 2003 I had the urge to build a 1:24th scale dolls house and loved every moment of creating it. However, as I am not a collector, I didn’t want to keep it. My sister suggested that I list the dolls house on eBay and it proved to be very good advice. It was snapped up by an enthusiastic bidder. After the auction I was inundated with online requests to make more, which I did. What started (quite literally) as a cottage industry, quickly became my full-time job. Together as a family business, we now produce a huge range of affordable dolls house kits and accessories for miniature enthusiasts to enjoy.


What is your ultimate top tip for a miniaturist starting out?

Don’t be afraid to have a go! The miniature world is full of different areas, skills and genres. Simply follow your heart and enjoy whichever elements draw you in. These days, there seems to be a huge pressure to get things right first time and I simply don’t agree. Hobbies are to be enjoyed, even when something doesn’t go to plan. So get stuck in and have fun! What advice would you give to those chasing the dream of improving? Experimentation is key. Try out new ideas and don’t be afraid for them to fail. Some of my best discoveries have occurred when what I was trying to achieve didn’t go to plan!

Bea Broadwood miniature 2


How can our readers take their skill set to the next level?
The more you practice, the better you will understand your craft. Learning new skills or techniques will also enable you to be more creative with the miniatures that you make. There are many books available about the miniature world, but magazines are also a great source of advice and reference, which also adds a sense of community; so why not subscribe to DHMS and learn something new each and every month?


What would you say to a miniaturist who is stuck in a rut, or having a creative low moment?

Hobbies are meant to be fun, so don’t put pressure on yourself. From time to time, even my creativity takes a sabbatical and when I do find myself in a rut, I go out and get some air. To be inspired to create a miniature world, you first have to be inspired by the full-scale world. So if you find that your mojo has gone AWOL, don’t worry, just go and explore. Lose yourself doing other things that you love and I guarantee that you will find yourself back on the creative path.

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Have you ever had any of these moments of doubts yourself?
We all have creative low moments. Very early on in my career, I nearly gave up making miniatures completely, following a very harsh critique of my work from a high-profile person within the miniature world. But I shrugged it ff and had faith in the type and scale of miniatures I was building and designing. Sometimes you just have to ignore what other people say and follow your heart. Miniature creations are little pieces of art, and art can never be wrong. As my wonderful husband constantly reminds me, “If you enjoy it, don’t analyse it!” Don’t doubt yourself, do it your way and most importantly, have fun.

Bea Broadwood miniature 3


In your eyes, how can DHMS magazine help readers to achieve their dream?

Celebrating all aspects of the dolls house hobby, DHMS magazine features everything from beginner projects to in-depth tutorials, all written by talented artisans. So whether you are drawn to fantasy miniatures, historical miniature dioramas or even the smaller scales, there will always be something to get your creative juices flowing.


What does DHMS bring to the craft table?

DHMS magazine really champions the best that the UK miniature scene has to o er. From its regular contributors, to the style of the miniatures that it celebrates; each month DHMS magazine not only showcases the ‘Best of British’ but also sprinkles on a little miniature magic from highly talented overseas artisans too!


What are your parting words of wisdom for our readers?

Every month, DHMS magazine is always ready to advise and inspire. I can’t wait to open up our post box each month and pull out the latest copy of DHMS. I look forward to reading it cover to cover!
Why wouldn’t you subscribe?


Bea Broadwood

You heard it from the expert!


So what are you waiting for? Nurture that curiosity for craft! Satisfy that taste for learning and subscribe to Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine to ensure you never miss a project again! After all, with each tutorial, your crafting gets better and better!



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