Beginners Corner - How to Make a Miniature Pouffe for your Doll House

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27 December 2011
imports_HAC_aselectionusingdiffere_86293.jpg A selection using different fabrics and trimmings
Christine Orchard of Little Trimmings shows you how to make this pretty little 1/12th scale miniature poofe for your dolls house. Vary the use of fabric and braids to produce a stool from almost any era from Victorian to the present day. ...
Beginners Corner - How to Make a Miniature Pouffe for your Doll House Images

Materials Required

  • Cardboard circle 37mm diameter
  • Cardboard circle 38mm diameter
  • Section of card tube 38mm diameter and 25mm tall
  • Thin foam
  • Wadding
  • Canvas
  • Fabric of choice
  • Braid of choice
  • Tacky Glue
  • Double Sided Sticky tape
  • Sharp scissors





  • Glue the 38mm board circle to one end of the tube section.
  • Cut a strip of fabric 45mm wide and 140mm long.
  • Turn and glue a hem of 4mm on one end.


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  • Wrap the fabric centrally around the tube.
  • Use double sided sticky tape to secure the unhemmed end in place.
  • Use tackly glue sparinginly to secure the hemmed edge over the top of the raw edge.



  • Use sharp scissors to cut little 'v' shapes out top and bottom
  • On the card base, neatly glue the tabs down.
  • On the top, glue the tabs to the inside edge of the tube.



  • Use the 37mm board circle as a template
  • Draw round it onto the canvas
  • Cut out the circle.
  • Glue to the base of the pouffe covering the little glued down tabs.



  • Cut a circle of wadding about 5mm larger all round than the remaining board circle.
  • Add a piece of double sided sticky tape to the centre of the board circle.
  • Press this onto the foam.
  • Trim the foam to the same size as the board circle.



  • Cut out a circle of fabric about 65mm diameter.
  • Sew a row of tiny running stitches with double thread around the circle 5mm in from the edge.
  • Lay the fabric face down and put the wadding circle in the centre.
  • Put the foam centrally on top with the board uppermost.
  • Place your finger in the centre of the board to hold everything in place.
  • Smear glue around the edge of the board circle.
  • Pull up the running stiches quite tight and tie off.



  • Gently even out the gathers and press onto the glue.
  • Now glue the seat part to the top of the base and press firmly together.



  • When dry, trim the join with braid.
  • Add a fringe or frill to the bottom.
  • The last photo here shows a selection made with different fabrics and trims.



Christine Orchard of Little Trimmings sells a basic kit at £1.95 plus p&p. Please visit her website at for more information (you will have to copy and paste this web address into your browser.

This DIY feature was originally published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. If you like making miniatures why not buy yourself a copy of the magazine. Better still take out a subscription so you never miss an issue. For fans of Facebook and Twitter, please use the buttons at the top of the page to share this with your friends.

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