Beginners Corner - Make a Victorian Floral Centerpiece

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31 March 2012
imports_HAC_victorianfloralcentrepi_36961.jpg Victorian Floral Centrepiece
Carol Clark shows us how to make a colourful, beautiful and surprisingly easy, table centrepiece for a Victorian dolls house scene. ...
Beginners Corner - Make a Victorian Floral Centerpiece Images

During the late Victorian times, dining tables would often have a tall floral arrangement as a centrepiece. The two tier display may have been completely filled with flowers on both levels, or the lower level may have been used to display fresh fruit as with this model.


  • 1" round flat filigree with centre hole
  • 3/4" round cupped filigree with centre hole
  • 3/4" tall bead spacer
  • 3/8" round bead cap
  • 1 cocktail stick
  • Glue
  • Gold Paint
  • Polymer Clay or readymade fruits
  • Lichen
  • Green craft paper
  • Fine florists wire
  • Water colour paints (optional)
  • Paper flowers and leaves


Step 1 - Making the display stand

  • Cut the sharp point from the cocktail stick.
  • Glue the bead cap on the end and allow to dry.
  • Paint the bead cap gold if it isn't already that colour.
  • Glue the larger filigree on top of the bead cap with a small amount of glue.
  • Add the spacer bead to the column, fix with glue.
  • Paint any differently coloured parts gold and leave to dry.


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Step 2

  • Carefully cut the top from the cocktail stick.
  • Glue the final cupped filigree to the top.
  • Paint gold if not already that colour.
  • Fix a small amount of lichen to the top filigree.



Step 3 - Making the floral arrangement

  • Cut about 24 very fine strips from green craft paper to represent grasses.
  • Curl by running over sharp metal ruler, scissors (like you would curl ribbon for a present)
  • Stick between 4 & 5 strips onto 1" pieces of fine florists wire.
  • Make a total of 5 bunches of grasses.
  • Painting the odd blade with watercolour paints will vary the shades of the grasses.
  • Fix the 1st bunch to the centre of the lichen.
  • Fix the remaining 4 bunches equally around the centre. See first photo below.


    Step 4

    • Arrange and fix 5 flowers evenly around the grass bunches.
    • Keep them short and close to the centre. See 2nd photo above.
    • Add 3 leaves and floral sprigs in the same way. See the two photos below.



    • Add a touch more lichen and some tiny rosebuds to the top.



    Step 5

    • Arrange and glue a selection of fruit around the base.
    • Fill any gaps with small sprays of lichen.


    Carol Clarke supplies the jewellery findings, paper flowers, leaves and green craft paper as a kit for this project, available from her website

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