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16 November 2011
imports_HAC_artdecohousestylesby_02419.jpg Art Deco House Styles by Trevor Yorke
Ann reviews a new book by Trevor Yorke which uses his own drawings and colour photographs to illustrate the distinctive features and details of genuine Art Deco homes. A must have for your miniature library. ...

The Art Deco period of the 1920's and 1930's swept away the sobriety of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, bringing in homes that were bright, colourful and exciting. Drawing inspiration from ancient Egyptian forms and modern architecture, Art Deco is arguably the most distinctive style of the 20th century and is characterised by streamlined white houses and geometric patterned interiors. The innovative and glamorous designs of the period are still highly sought after by house buyers and homeowners today, and this is the perfect book for those who want to learn more about the artistic influences of these years.

This attractive hand-bag A5 size paperback and has the following chapters:

  • Art Deco Style - Definition and Origins
  • Art Deco Houses - Modern Houses and their Architects
  • Art Deco Housing - Semis, Flats and Workers' Estate Houses
  • Art Deco Details - Doors, Windows and Decoration
  • Art Deco Interiors - Rooms, Decoration and Fitting
  • Places to Visit


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The Art Deco house is so evocative of its time and place in history. It is easy to spot with the flat roof, the curved metal 'sun trap' windows, the rendered white walls and geometric patterned railings. Trevor takes us back to the time when streets of Mock Tudor and Neo Georgian houses suddenly woke up to find stark white modern houses on their doorstep, a scattering of modernity still as shocking today as it was in the 1930's.

The book is well laid out, and beautifully punctuated with colour drawings and photos of real Deco houses and interiors. Each essential Deco feature is pointed out, and for anyone recreating this style in miniature, the book has a wealth of information and inspiration to draw upon. Don't quite know how to colour your window glasss, or paint/paper your internal walls......well you do now.  From fireplaces to door handles, it's all in here.

This book is now available to buy here on line. Please click this highlighted link to go through to our bookstore.

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