Book Review - Arts & Crafts House Styles by Trevor Yorke

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10 June 2011
imports_HAC_artscraftshousestyle_55232.gif Arts & Crafts House Styles
A perfect book for those who want to learn more about the simplicity and elegance of the Arts & Crafts style and recreate this within their dolls house or miniature scene. ...

The Arts & Crafts movement began as an instinctive reaction to the new Industrial Age. Seeking a return to simple craftsmanship, using traditional materials and methods, its influence spread both to Europe and North America.

In England the Arts & Crafts influence upon house building was far reaching between 1870 and 1914. This was not least  because its cosmetic (rather than ethical) details were copied by commercial builders. The result was some superb buildings by key architects like Norman Shaw and Voysey, but also a significant number of others ranging from simple terraces to the finest detached houses of the period.

Using his own photographs and excellent illustrations Trevor Yorke shows the distinctive features of genuine Arts and Crafts homes. These range from wide arched porches, elongated mullioned windows and sloping buttresses, to terracotta plaques, decorative ironwork and patterned bargeboards.

There are also chapters on the use on interior space and on the furnishings and fittings which characterised the Arts & Crafts house; all of which are invaluable to a miniaturists recreating this style in a dolls house or miniature scene. Included in the book are chapers as follows:

  • The Arts & Crafts Movement (Definition & Origins)
  • Architects and House styles
  • Speculative and Social Housing
  • Doors, Windows and fittings
  • Interior Space and Light
  • Places to visit.


This informative paperback book is printed in A5 handbag size and is a perfect research volume for anyone recreating the Arts & Crafts style in a dolls house or miniature scene. From windows to door furniture, and wallpaper to kitchen layouts, the book is an excellent choice for those who want to learn more about the simplicity and elegance of the Arts & Crafts style.

If you'd like to buy a copy of this book, please go to the book store on our website.

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