Book Review - Edwardian Era Miniatures in 1:12 Scale by Jane Harrop

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03 November 2011
imports_HAC_book001-2-_11231.jpg Book Review - Edwardian Era Miniatures in 1:12 Scale by Jane Harrop
Ann Sutcliffe reviews Jane Harrop's delightful book 'Edwardian Era Miniatures in 1:12 Scale' ...
Book Review - Edwardian Era Miniatures in 1:12 Scale by Jane Harrop Images

Jane Harrop has been making miniatures for the past 17 years, selling them at fairs and through her website. Jane also writes articles and runs workshops both in person and on-line. In this book, Jane coverss the Edwardian era from the death of Queen Victoria through to the end of the First World War.


The projects in this book take you through a typical middle class home of the time, with over 40 step-by-step projects. These are exclusively in 1/12th scale; although many are fairly easily halved to 1/24th scale. You enter Jane's Edwardian dolls house through the hallway, and move on room by room making the furniture and accessories as you go.

As you progress through the rooms in the book, a detailed description of the era, the wallpapers, floor covering, curtains and fabrics are all explained. Each project within the room setting is laid out with a brief history, the dimensions, and a list of materials required. This is followed by step-by-step instructions, diagrams and photographs. A project for a large item like a table will be followed by a smaller projet to make the vase of roses to sit on top, thus providing an interesting and diverse array of projects.


Whilst working through each room in the house, Jane teaches different methods and how to use various materials to achieve the look. Predominantly, the pieces are made from wood, but there is also metal and clay work, plus the use of paper, plastics, card, beads, paint and fabric. The book is a veritable masterclass, with many techniques for a modern day miniaturist to acquire in order to fill their dolls house with their own individually crafted items.

The 180 page book is in paperback format. The printing is clear and legible with easy to follow instructions, clear photos and accurate templates. The pages are dotted with extra photos, ideas and further 'why not try'' suggestions. At the back are all the scale templates along with descriptions and photos of materials, equipment, techniques and most importantly, suppliers.

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I like to check out the instructions in all DIY books I review before giving the thumbs up. This time I made Jane's cast iron single Edwardian bed. Constructed from a mixture of materials including wood, plastic tubing, wire and Hama beads, and of course it needs bedding, but I have to say I am extremely pleased with the result.


The book is available from Jane Harrop. Tel: 01625 873117 Email: [email protected] Website: (you will have to copy and paste these addresses into your email and web browsers)

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