Book Review - The Victorian House Explained by Trevor Yorke

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10 June 2011
imports_HAC_thevictorianhouseexpla_55294.gif The Victorian House Explained
A book for everyone recreating a dolls house or miniature from the Victorian period, and equally useful to find out more about the Victorian house you live in. ...

The English have a love affair with period houses, finding intoxicating the blend of history, rustication and detailed styling in older properties very appealing.

The Victorian house comes in all shapes, sizes and materials. The legacy of this hugely influential era can be found in every region of the country, from the majestic rows of gleaming white terraces in West London to the grid of red-brick houses in northern mill towns.

Using his own drawings, diagrams and photographs, author Trevor Yorke explains in an easy to understand manner, all aspects of the Victorian house and provides a definitive guide for those who are recreating this period in their miniature scenes and dolls houses.

The book provides a background to different phases of design throughout the Victorian age from the 1830's to the early 1900's. Included are photographs and Mr Yorke's own beautifully hand drawn illustrations. The chapters covered are as follows:

  • The History of the Victorian House
  • The Background
  • Late Regency & Early Victorian 1830-1850
  • Mid Victorian Houses 1850-1870
  • Late Victorian House 1870-1890
  • The Last Decade and beyond 1890-1901
  • General Fittings and Decoration
  • Reception and Living Rooms
  • Service Rooms
  • Bedrooms & bathrooms
  • Gardens & Outbuildings


An excellent reference book to add to your library, the book is in A5 paperback format, and provides invaluable reference to fixtures, fittings, decorations, hardware and external finishes. From ceiling roses to flooring, all aspects of the Victorian house are covered.

This book is now available to buy on line here, if you'd like a copy, please just click the highlighted link.

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