Deep-rooted love for miniatures: an interview with Kate Esme Ünver

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03 July 2020
Kate Esme Ünver is a regular DHMS contributor, founder of ‘dailymini’ and lover of all things miniature. Learn about how she discovered her passion and read her tips for miniature success! 

In 2012, Kate launched ‘dailymini’, a digitally curated space that promotes miniatures and small-scale news through interviews and studio visits with international artists and designers.

She serves on the Board of Trustees of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans (2017-2020) and provides social media consultancy services to miniature makers around the world. She’s also a well-travelled motorcyclist and life-long collector of miniatures. 

That’s quite an intro! Let’s get to know Kate a bit better…


Kate and Sadie Hawkins. Photo credit – Lily Jen.

How did you discover your passion for all things miniature? 

I’ve loved all things small since as long as I can remember. I had a dolls house from a very young age, but even before that I found myself drawn to one-off miniatures and to anything smaller than its life-sized counterpart. When I was an infant, my mum fastened a chunky 1980s charm necklace to my stroller so it was the first thing I saw when I looked out into the world. My love for miniatures is deep-rooted – I like to think they’ve always been a part of my DNA.

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What advice would you give to artists chasing the dream of being successful? 

Never stop. Never settle. Be true to you and to your vision. If you find you enjoy personal projects more than chasing sales, find a balance between the two. And if you love to “make for making’s sake,” as Mackenzie McAlpin said in The Book of Mini, follow your pursuits, wherever they should lead you.

What would you say to creatives who are scared to try making miniatures? 

Give it a go! Everyone started somewhere, and in this case, we all ‘started small’. Consider a medium that interests you most – whether paper, clay, paint, wood, precious metals, or something else – and pick up a book to help you along the way. There’s a wealth of online tutorials just a click away, too, for example on DHMS Exact Editions, with all issues available from 2010!

How can DHMS help readers to achieve their miniature dreams? 

Read through the latest issue and past editions. Become inspired and try your hand at mini-making! Perhaps you’d like to create a work of miniature art and submit it for consideration, too. 

“Dive headfirst into a new project, passion or pursuit!”

What would you say to a creative who’s stuck in a rut, or having a creative low moment? 

Step outside. Listen to different music. Visit a museum. Walk through nature and take it all in. Head to the local library and flip through as many books as you can stand. And yes, of course, you can always stumble along on the internet until your interest is piqued.


Kate's selection of miniatures!

How do you recover from those moments of self-doubt? 

Hop on a motorcycle to become near instantly recharged! Or simply read DHMS and stare at miniatures!

How is a DHMS subscription great value for money – what are you gaining from the mag? 

Each month you’ll find yourself re-energised and rearing to go. Dive headfirst into a new project, passion or pursuit, and if someone within these pages inspires you, make sure to reach out to them! Perhaps a collaboration will come about as a result.

Great to catch up with you, Kate! Check out Kate’s wonderful world of miniatures on Instagram

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