Dolls house toys – make a miniature hobby horse for the nursery

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28 April 2022
Learn how to make a miniature hobby horse for the dolls house children to play with in this easy tutorial by Jane Harrop...

This miniature hobby horse is so simple to create and will make the perfect addition to any dolls house nursery!

DIY miniature hobby horse

By Jane Harrop

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You will need

  • Toy farm plastic horse
  • 3in (75mm) length of 3/32” (2.5mm) wooden dowel
  • Brown and black bunka (lampshade fringing)
  • Black polymer clay
  • Tacky glue


1. Cut the head with a section of neck off the plastic horse. Use a drill with 3/32in (2.5mm) drill bit to make a hole in the base of the neck, deep enough to fit the end the wooden dowel and secure using a dab of glue.

2. Take the brown bunka and pull a thread at the end to curl and elongate the braid. Rub over the bottom section of the neck with a thin even layer of tacky glue and start to wind the frayed bunka around, so that you begin to cover the plastic in one neat and even layer.

This feature was originally published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene magazine. If you like making miniatures, why not buy yourself a copy of the magazine? Or better still take out a subscription so you never miss an issue! 

3. Continue the procedure up the horse’s head by applying glue and covering one small section at a time and working with one long length. There is no need to cut the bunka until the end, unless you come to an awkward area.

4. Carefully apply some tacky glue along the section of the head where the mane would be, then gently lay some frayed black bunka. 

5. Make the bridle and reins from unfrayed black bunka and glue into place. Make two small eyes and a nose from black polymer clay and once baked glue into place. 

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