Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 3

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02 November 2012
imports_HAC_pic-17_06388.jpg Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 3
The 3rd miniature room in Downton Manor we are going to decorate is the ground floor dining room. ...
Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 3 Images

Ground Floor Dining Room

The 3rd room in the series we are going to decorate is the ground floor dining room, it is reached from  the grand entrance hall by means of the double doors, it lies opposite the ground floor reception room, which would be essential, guests would only have a small stroll from one room to another.

We decorated the ground floor reception room last month, it was left unfurnished but when I have furnished it I will include a photograph for you to see. The decor in the dining room will be a luxurious room is a light room with delicate furniture. I am decorating the room using a pale blue paint called "Triomphe" for the upper part of the walls and a beautiful paper called "La Commanderie" from "Les Chinoiseries" for the lower part, these will be separated by a dado rail.

If you have been following the series you may remember in part 1 we added some wall lights to the side walls in the grand entrance hall, the wiring for these lights went through the side walls into the adjoining rooms, in part 2 I disguised the wire in the ground floor reception room using a pilaster, but as we aren't adding pilasters to this room, the wire will need to be covered.


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  • Firstly I have glued the wire to ensure it stays within the groove, when the glue has dried I have used some very fine filler to fill the gap.
  • The filler can be sanded smooth when it is dry.
  • When the upper part of the walls have been painted, we can hang the paper, the height of the paper should be around 3 inches, a dado rail will be added once the fire surround is in place.


  • A dado rail was used to prevent the backs of chairs marking the wallpaper.
  • I have also added a decorative cornice, this is a fairly easy task as we don't have to negotiate the corners of the chimney breast.



  • The ceiling is then repainted and when it is dry we can fit the ceiling rose.


  • When the decorating is complete the flooring can be laid, again I am using a wooden floor, it has been finished with an antique wax and buffed to a satin sheen with a soft cloth.


  • Once the flooring is fitted we can move onto the next step, this would normally be adding a chimney breast, but this time I will be fitting the fireplace directly to the rear wall. I am using a beautiful fire surround from "Dolls Attractive Interiors" it has a deep recess which eliminates the need for a chimney breast.



  • It was supplied with a faux marble back paper, I have removed this as I am giving the fire surround a coloured marble finish.  Here are the instructions, should you wish to create a similar finish.
  • You will need some acrylic paints in the following colours:Buff titanium, Black, Ultramarine, and White. Various sized paint brushes, a large one to apply the base coat and a fine one to add the veining.
    • Firstly paint the outer area with the buff titanium acrylic, this gives it a nice light stone finish.
    • Mix white with a touch of the blue and black to give you a light blue grey colour. paint the lower curved area of the pillars.


    • Paint the inner section with the same grey mix.
    • Using the black paint and the thin brush, paint some thin veins, making sure that the lines are going in the same direction.



    • Using a wider soft dry brush, gently brush out the black lines.
    • Finally add some more fine black veins.


    • The fire surround is ready for the brick paper to be added at the rear.


    • The skirting board can be fitted next, I am using a very deep Georgian skirting board, it is a straightforward task and just involves cutting internal mitres. I have also added a wall socket to the room, as we may want to add some additional lighting. I have cut openings for the socket within the skirting boards.

    • The dado rail can be fitted in the same way.

    • The room pictured with the skirting and dado fitted.

    • I have also added an ornate overdoor with brackets, these have been fitted on top of the existing door frame.
    • The lighting in the dining room is a beautiful handmade chandelier, I have made this from a number of filigrees and Swarovski crystals in two colours. It is fitted with a central 12v bulb.


    • Finally the curtains are fitted, they have been made from silk in two colours and have an inner pleated panel, the design is based on a pair of French Empire drapes, the large central swag extends through two filigree loops and the tails trail at staggered heights to the sides. These curtains are made to measure they are available in various silks to match your colour scheme, and are for sale on my website.


    • The finished French inspired dining room.
    • Pictured below is the festive table decoration which will feature as a tutorial DOLLS HOUSE AND MINIATURE SCENE MAGAZINE.

    Please visit Carol Carke’s website for more ideas and inspiration for your dolls house.

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