Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 8

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01 July 2013
imports_HAC_pic-18_66591.jpg Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 8
This miniature room will have a French feel and will be a ladies bedroom, with delicate wallpaper. ...
Downton Manor Interior Decoration - Part 8 Images

Downton Manor Interior Decoration


French Themed Bedroom

Last time we completed the first bedroom on the 2nd floor, the gentleman's bedroom. We are continuing on the second floor, with the room to the right of the central study, this one will have a French feel and will be a ladies bedroom, with delicate wallpaper.

As with the Gentleman's bedroom, there isn't a door way in the room, again I don't want to have the access through the study, so I am creating another false door this one will be positioned on the inner side wall and will non opening. As the door will be just for show we do not need to fit it in place straight away, we can decorate the room first.

The first thing we need to do is to conceal the wiring for the lighting in the room below, and fill in the slots in the ceiling where the original walls would have fitted.



Once this is done we can paper the ceiling, I am using a blown vinyl with a very small pattern, the blown vinyl is perfect as it will hide any imperfections in the ceiling joints. When papering the ceiling, size both the ceiling and the paper with paste first, this will ensure a good contact and smooth finish.

When the paper has dried thoroughly the ceiling can be painted. With the ceiling painted we can now add the cornice, again because of the room height I am using a fairly narrow one, it is from Aztec Imports, it is made from a resin, but it is very brittle and difficult to cut, I have cut mine as well as I could and then filled any miss cut corners with filler.


Paint the cornice and edges of the ceiling again. I am adding a large ceiling panel to the ceiling, measuring 8¾ x 5½ inches. I have produced these panels myself, they are available from my website should you wish to purchase one.

The panel has been primed with white gesso, I am giving it a top coat with the same matt emulsion I have used for the ceiling and walls. The raised pattern has been painted with gold.


When the panel has dried it can be fixed to the ceiling, {before fixing drill a central hole for the light fitting}.

Next we can concentrate on the walls, I have painted the walls white and will be using a toile paper from the range of papers by Brodnax. The toile wallpaper will be displayed within ornate wall panels, the wall panels have been created using some ornate filigree findings, these are placed at the top and the oblong border is made from some very narrow strips of wood. Firstly I have drawn the pattern of the panel on some plain paper to create a template, then using the template I have cut the wallpaper just slightly larger, and then I have fixed in place the sections of the mouldings on top of the paper to create the papered panel.

Before I fit the wall panels I will fit the flooring, I am using self adhesive flooring from The Wonham Collection, it has a polished finish so there is no need to polish or varnish.

Before I fit the skirting boards I need fit the door. For the false doorway I am using a ready made plastic door available from The Wonham Collection. I am only using the one side of the door frame and the door.   

As you can see that the frame is recessed, this needs to be filled to make the frame sit level with the wall, I have just used some wood the same thickness as the recess.

Paint the wooden infill with white paint to match the frame of the door. I have papered the panels of the door with the toile wallpaper. The door is fitted near the rear corner.

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Next I will fit the fireplace in the centre of the rear wall, this will correspond with the chimneys on the lower floors. I am using an ornate French style fireplace in keeping with the theme.    

When these two items are in place I can fit the skirting boards around these features.

Finally the wall panels can be fixed to the walls, one either side of the fireplace, one between the windows and two on the hall side wall, these will lie either side of the area where the bed will be placed.


I have used a small ornate 12v working fire.
For the lighting I am using a basic 5 arm chandelier, but I want to style give it a French look. to match the decor of the room. To transform it firstly you have to mask the bulbs in the bulb holders with some masking tape, then using a matt antique white spray paint I have sprayed the entire fitting. Finally we add some decorative beads and flowers to the chandelier.




Chandelier in situ in the finished room

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