Easy Project - Make a Miniature Herbarium for your Dolls House

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13 June 2013
imports_HAC_herbarium_69013.jpg Easy Project - Make a Miniature Herbarium for your Dolls House
Kati Kainulainen shows us how to make this great miniature herbarium, very popular with the Victorians. ...
Easy Project - Make a Miniature Herbarium for your Dolls House Images

A herbarium is a collection of plant samples, which are dried and pressed before assembling onto paper and make a lovely little detail in a dolls’ house study or office.

You will need:

• White paper for pages
• Grey/natural tone paper for covers
• Tiny plants and flowers (dried and pressed)
• Sewing needle and thread
• Paper glue
• Scissors
• Pencil

Step 1

Cut three sheets (65mm x 55mm) from white paper for pages and one sheet from grey paper for the cover.

Step 2

Fold the papers in the middle (horizontally) and place them inside each other. Level the edges with scissors if necessary.

Step 3

Mark tiny dots in the top sheet, 10mm from top and bottom.

Step 4

Take a sewing needle and thread and push the needle through the cover and through the pages using the first dot as a guide. Then push the needle back through the other marked dot.

Step 5

Leave some thread to create a knot and tiny bow on the cover.

Step 6

Cut a few small pieces (25mm x 35mm) of paper and carefully glue some dried and pressed plants on them, for example forget-me-nots are tiny and pretty and work really well for small scale.

Step 7

Carefully glue these small sheets into pages of the herbarium.

Step 8

Create a tiny place to write some information like the name of the plant and so on.

Step 9

Cut a small piece (19mm x 20mm) of paper and glue it in place to make a beautiful cover for the herbarium.

Step 10

With a needle and thread, push the needle through the edge of the front page. Make a knot and leave some thread. Do the same on the back cover.

Step 11

Make a small bow to keep the tiny herbarium closed.

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Don't forget to let us all at DHMS see pictures of your own version of this mini project.

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