Featherstone Hall Hotel part 12: the Duchess Suite continued...

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27 January 2012
In Part 11 of the Fatherstone Hall Hotel series we paid our first visit to the Duchess Suite to see how the room was put together. Now it's time to see how Julie Jackson created the finishing touches and to meet the occupants within this miniature dolls house room setting...

There's a hive of activity surrounding the Hon. Sarah Hookesmead. A maid prepares a hot bath in the ensuite bathroom, while Sarah and her friend Elspeth relax and swap gossip. Pip the dog begs for a chocolate! Sarah's personal maid, Hannah Brown, ushers parlour maid, Elsie with her trolley, out into the great hall.

FFH Maid in Bathroom

The suite is furnished with a beautiful set of white hand-painted furniture. Already in place is the washbasin in the ensuite, and two mirrored shop fittings in the dressing alcove which make great fitted wardrobes. The glass display cabinet is filled with ladies' accessories, boots, fans, scarves and linen.

The stand-alone wardrobe has its door slightly open to reveal coat hangers and dresses on the rail inside. The beautifully detailed coat hangers are cast metal, painted white. The dresses are just a fine crinkly fabric gathered on the hanger with some lace around the neckline.

Bed and side tables

The bed is dressed in a set of old gold bed linen created in the same way as the Dukes Suite (part 10). The large carpet was spray glued and placed in the centre of the room before the bed was fixed in position. The matching bedside tables with electric lamps were fixed either side. The cables for the lamps were routed straight through the ensuite partition to the hidden electrics terminal behind.

Bed and side tables

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The fireplace

Beside the bed is the fireplace. Julie had a long debate with herself about its position in the room as technically it couldn't go there in a real house! But, she was determined to get a fireplace in and so artistic licence won over.

It's made from cast resin with moulded details. It was spray painted cream and the brickwork was repainted. A hole was drilled in the back to take an electric fire. The fire and fender were glued in position before the fireplace was fixed to the wall. The cable runs along the skirting board, under the door and into the ensuite to attach to the transformer. The fireplace is decorated with a couple of Meissen style statues which Julie painted herself. Above the fireplace is a lovely china biscuit barrel, and to either side of the mirror are china plates from the Dee-Daw Designs range.


The dressing table

The last item of furniture is the dressing table. Simply dressed with a vase of roses, fur-trimmed leather gloves, some letters and a jewellery box. The Ladies Toiletries Box is a ready-made item from the Wonham Collection which was stripped out and refilled with bottles, brushes, shoe horn, scissors, and scissors, etc.    

dressing table

The characters

The maid in the bathroom is cast resin. 

Elspeth Grey sits on a stool at the end of the bed with chocolates and Westie dog. 

FFH Elspeth Grey

Sarah is sitting in a fabulous pink floral armchair brushing her hair.    

FHH Sarah  

Hannah Brown is Sarah’s maid and is ushering out sour-faced Elsie through the open door.

Side view of the Duchess Suite

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