Featherstone Hall Hotel part 16: the upper hall

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17 April 2012
Learn how Julie Jackson created and decorated the upper hall of Featherstone Hall Hotel as we continue the series of this magnificent Georgian dolls house...

Hallways are versatile – they can help establish what's going on in a room beyond, and if you're lucky enough to have larger hallways in your dolls house, they can take on a story of their own...

FHH Part 16 Upper Hall image 1

The upper hall of Featherstone Hall Hotel provides ample room for plenty of activity. From the left, the grandfather is standing in the open doorway of the Toile Room and beside him are his grandchildren. Richard sits on the stairs beside his ball and Phoebe is taking her bear, Henry, out in the pram.

At the top of the stairs up from the grand hall below, is an additional window with a demi-lune table and potted plant. Julie’s favourite naughty dog, Bertie, stops this area looking too static and adds to the drama. Mary, his owner, is trying to stop the inevitable puddle!


As there's a shared bathroom in the upper hallway, this establishes that the rooms are less expensive than those on the floor below. It's about to be vacated by Mrs. Ainsworthy, complete with bathrobe, curlers and slippers. Just outside the bathroom Mr. Gervais Bedford sits with gifts for Amy Helpstone, occupant of the Lemon Room, and calmly watches the chaos in front of him, while he wonders if she'll say yes to his proposal.

To create this space, an extra window was cut in the centre of the back wall. As the stairs were on the left-hand side, a bathroom was planned out on the right.     

Creating the bathroom

The bathroom suite is made from a plastic Chrysonbon kit. The kit comprises of a bath, washbasin, toilet, over-bath shower, radiator and stool so is excellent value for money, and the detail is very good.

FHH PART 16 Bathroom

The partition wall was marked on the floor before painting walls and ceiling white. The floor is made up of adhesive floor tiles, which go up the wall by two courses, too. Once laid they were given a couple of coats of dilute PVA.

FHH PART 16 Bathroom kit

The bathroom kit was made up and installed with accessories and the side partition wall was added.

FHH PART 16 Light

The bathroom light is a table lamp turned upside down. The rest of the hall was painted and the front wall of the bathroom with an open door was added. This was followed by adding the flooring from the front of the house up to the stairwell and bathroom door.

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Building the stairs


The flight of stairs were then stained and varnished and glued into position. These stairs were boxed in which mirrored the bathroom on the other side. The stair partition wall created a passage down to the window and top of the staircase from the floor below. Then the flooring was extended backwards down this strip. All the flooring was stained, varnished and skirtings added. The space was dressed with a stair carpet, hall runner and large rug all spray glued in position. Pictures, decorative plates in the bathroom, a demi-lune table at the end with a plant finished the decoration.

FHH PART 16 completed upper hall

Positioning the dolls

  • Richard and his ball were glued to the stairs.
  • Gervias was glued into a chair outside the Lemon Room.
  • Mary, the dog and Mrs. Ainsworthy were added next.
  • Finally, Phoebe followed with her pram.

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