Featherstone Hall Hotel part 6: adding characters to the dining room

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11 November 2011
After making the 'inside outside' conservatory and decorating the dining room of Featherstone Hall Hotel dolls house, it's now time to bring the room to life with miniatures, guests, staff and furniture...

After losing half the space to the conservatory and another bit to the dressers, Julie had to be very careful in her selection of tables. Normal sized dining tables would be too big, so a tall occasional table cut in half was used for an elegant wall table. A rectangular piece of Plastruct sheet was glued to the top to extend the size while keeping the small floor footprint. The cloth is made from a square of white fabric with braid glued to the edge.


When you first look into this room, it looks packed with tables, but in fact there was only room for three. Each one has to work overtime to take the place of many more. 

Features of the dining room

Table one features a sitting of afternoon tea for a rich lady and her young admirer (hence the Maidre’d has tucked them into the corner at the back). The table is dressed with a silver tea set, cups of tea, and a plate of scones with jam and cream. The setting was completed with a silver vase made from two silver bed end caps glued together. 

The tables and chairs had already been sprayed gold, and the chairs recovered with cream/gold striped silk with matching braid. All that was left was to glue the diners into position at the table. 

The second table is unoccupied but is set for two, which is handy as an elderly couple have just entered the room looking for a dinner table. The table is simply furnished with plates, cutlery, a flower arrangement, condiments, and upturned glasses. Placed at the front, this empty table gives depth and allows the viewer to look deeper into the room. 

Table three is the largest of them all and is dressed for a party of four who are on their main course – a roast dinner with all the trimmings. Although the table is set for four, all of them wouldn't fit so there are only two quests at the table (one couple have popped out for some air). Sitting at this table is the fabulous Marilyn doll from the Dee-Daw range, she is perfectly over the top and waving a wine glass around. 

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The final two occupants of the dining room are the Maitre’d and a waiter. The former is serving dinner for his special guests, and the waiter is another doll from the Dee-Daw range. The waiter is offering a selection of cakes to the discrete couple in the corner. The photo below shows an amazing dressed trolley from the Dee-Daw range similarly stocked to those used in this dining room.

Finally, it was time to light it up. The LED light in the conservatory have a white light which resembles daylight, and the chandeliers throw off a yellow glow. The whole effect is dramatic. This room is Julie’s favourite room in the house and we can see why! 

To go back to part five, where Julie builds the conservatory and dining room, click here.  In the next part of the Featherstone Hall series Julie moves onto the library.

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