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01 August 2018
7-32599.jpg FREE Project: Make A Mini Nursery
Make this sweet miniature nursery using our sister magazine's August issue free Craft Paper Collection 'Petals & Paws!'

Make this sweet miniature nursery using our sister magazine Making Cards & Papercraft's free Craft Paper Collection! You get a free set of craftable papers with every issue. Here's a stunning project which you can use with your August edition papers, called 'Petals & Paws!' And if you're reading this after the August issue has been and gone, don't worry! All their back issues are available online (with no UK P+P costs, too)! This adorable project was created for you by Ashley Lucas, featuring her Instagram creation We simply adore what she's created with her Craft Paper Collection and we hope you do too! Let us see snaps of your makes over on our social pages. Enjoy! AND if you're loving Ashley's work, remember to check out this blog article, including a FREE download from Ashley.

"One of my favorite things to do with adorable scrapbook paper is to use it as doll's house wallpaper! After browsing through the beautiful paper samples in my August issue of Making Cards & Papercraft magazine I couldn't wait to try out two sheets in particular (pictured below). Since I'm expecting my first child this Autumn, I have had all things baby on the brain, so I thought it would be rather fun to put together a mini nursery with stunning wallpaper!" Love, Ashley Lucas x 

To create your own mini nursery you will need the following:

Animal Patterned Paper / Clip Art Paper from Petals & Paws Craft Paper Collection

One sheet of solid coloured card stock

A shadowbox, two pieces of foam core or an actual room in your doll's house

Scissors, a glue stick and glue dots

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Miniature nursery accessories such as: a crib, mini toys, felt rug and blanket, baby doll, etc.

1) First decide on how you wish to display your miniature nursery. You can either use a pre-existing wooden shadowbox, attach two pieces of foam core together at an angle (so that they are free standing), or decorate an actual room in your own doll's house. 

2) Select your favorite sheets of paper from Making Cards & Papecraft magazine. I chose a lovely animal pattern with balloons, as well as a page of adorable watercolour clip art.

3) Snip around the paper with scissors to the specified size you will need for your nursery space. Get as creative as you wish with the paper samples. For instance, you can cut out clip art images (such as the deer with rabbits) leaving a little white space around the illustration. Mount the illustration to a solid piece of paper for a cute wall decor effect!

4) Adhere your chosen paper to the nursery walls as you see fit. Glue dots are a great temporary idea that you can peel off later if you wish. I used a glue stick on my paper for a more permanent solution.

5) Now for the fun part - decorate your mini nursery with small furniture like a crib or rocking chair. Add miniature accessories such as small toys, a bottle, and most importantly, a little baby! I made the little kitten pictured out of polymer clay to match my 'mum' cat doll's house doll. I hope you love creating!

Ashley Lucas, aka Lady Lucas, is an artist and dollhouse fanatic. She offers adorable mini decor and printable gifts her in her Etsy shop ( Don't forget to follow all her dollhouse makeover adventures on Instagram at @zoes_dream_house!

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