Get The Look: Asian Aura in 1/12th Scale for the Dolls House

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30 September 2012
imports_HAC_luxuriousdaybedswamped_25357.jpg Luxurious day bed swamped with silk by Linda Toerzey at Simply Silk
Jane Kubiesa discovers the wonders of Indian-inspired design in miniature. ...

Since the days of the Raj, designers have been taking inspiration from the Indian subcontinent to create lavish interiors. These schemes were brimming with what they termed 'Asian exoticism' and were often accompanied by the Indo-Gothic architetural style. Today interior designers of large scale homes have cottoned on to these styles and combined them in what they have renamed 'Asian Aura', to bring the vibrant hues and design features of India into the modern home. This exciting scheme is perfect for a 1/12th scale abode.

The aim of Asian Aura is to bring the tropical, exotic elements of India and surrounding countries into the home. At one end of the Asian Aura spectrum you have the minimalist, simple interiors of Mumbai-esque design, which mix Indian-themed accessories and furniture against a white backdrop. This is perfect to create a chic miniature space or to spice up an existing Minimalist room box. At the other end of the spectrum you have the Bollywood inspired interior, filled with glitz and glamour.  

The Bed and pet bed for a pampered pooch are both by Simply Silk

As a base for this glamorous scheme, lively paint colours are the order of the day for walls. Bright turquoises, violets, pinks, reds and greens are all possible choices, and these colours can be combined or edged with tiny mosaic tiles or with designs in silver, copper or gold metallic paint. Indo-Gothic architecture provides a wealth of designs to choose from including pointed arches, scalloped edges and the onion dome shape. Exotic plants in clay or copper-coloured pots tend to line walls in this design scheme, so choosing colours which work well with the greens of the plants is key.

     Exotic plants from Ceynix Miniature Trees 'n' Trains

To accessorise walls, think wall hangings, brightly coloured paintings, elephant-themed items, and mirrors.

     Rug kit by Janet Granger and Mirror from Cilla Hallbert at Minst

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The flooring of choice for an Asian Aura scheme has to be wood. Wooden floorboards are perfect and these can either be stained in a dark tone, or a mix of mid-toned and lighter tone floorboards to mimic Indian Sheesha wood. The ceiling has an equally luxurious finish, with draped fabric running in folds from the edges of the walls to the centre of the room. The fabric can either be in a tone which complements the wall colour or contrasts with it for a little drama.

Any light fitting which is brightly coloured or has an Indian style will fit in very well here. Fittings with coloured glass are particularly popular because of the coloured glow them emit when lit. So opt for cranberry glass shades and Tiffany style lamps or consider adding a coloured light bulb to a plain glass shade.

Hall Couch from the Wonham Collection

Furniture brings this style to life and anything with an element of Indian design is perfect. Items which have ornate carving, lattice work, metal detailing or featuers from Indo-Gothic style with complement your interior as will anything with an elephant motif, mosaics, or a two-tone effect to the wood.

Desiree Laufente's Prescot Armchair


  • Create decorative metal panels for headboards, cupboard doors or chest lids. Sheets of craft metal can be hammered or punched to achieve the design of your choice. A simple version of this uses a pencil to make patterns or a pin to punch holes into kitchen foil backed with card.
  • Make a plethora of exotic plants for your room by covering lengths of craft wire with masking tape. Cut the ends of the tape into leaf shapes and tape the leaves together to form a plant. The tape can be painted and shaped to look more realistic.
  • Used stained glass paints to add colour to glazing on furniture and windows.
  • Re-cover sofas, beds and chairs in Indian-inspired fabric. Batiks, iridescent taffeta, paisley prints and Indian outfit fabric are all good options. Add round and bolster cushions in the same fabric to complete the look.
  • Use clay-based paints to add texture to walls or add a small amount of sand to other kinds of paint for a similar effect.
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