Hogwarts - The making of Hogwarts Castle in Miniature Final Part

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15 May 2011
imports_HAC_theexteriorofhogwarts-1-_69795.gif The Exterior of Hogwarts Castle
We continue the guided tour of Sally Wallace's miniature version of Hogwarts School of Wizzardry and Witchcraft. This magical place is full of surprises, hidden niches and secret passages..... ...
Hogwarts - The making of Hogwarts Castle in Miniature Final Part Images

Let us take another dip into the magical world of Harry Potter with a further tour round the magnificient Hogwarts Castle which was the brain child of Sally Wallace coupled with the creative genious of Paperclay expert Rik Pierce.


The first room we look into is the Library's restricted area where the school's forbidden and dangerous books are kept. Library tables are stacked high with volumes, papers, scrolls and notes.  In the 3rd tower, Professor Dumbledore shares his office and private living space with Fawkes, his firey phoenix, his pensieve, the Sorting Hat, and the famous Gryffindor sword. 



Adjacent to the third tower is Moaning Myrtle's bathroom with Myrtle herself hovering near the ceiling and a nasty troll lurking in the stalls. Whereas in the cellar below the main porch we find the Chess Room ablaze with torches, and oversized chess pieces from previous battles scattered and broken about. The rather odd looking doll is the Professor Snape Boggart dressed as Neville Longbottom's grandmother!


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The Gryffindor Tower houses the common room and the Girl's and Boy's dormitories.  The finishing touches to this piece are extradorinary, as anyone who has read the Harry Potter books will agree, right down to a strange face of Sirius Black in the flames of the common room fireplace.


The final area of the castle we are going to take a peek into is Professor Sprout's Greenhouse and Herbology Laboratory. Rik always knew there would come a time when this would be asked for, and he cunningly left a space where it could be added at a later date. The inevitable phone call came, and Rik rose to the challenge. Below are two views of this splendid area of the castle complete with Mandrake and other magical plants.


Sally is the first to point out that despite its name and the many references to JK Rowling's books, this castle is a one-off artistic creation that is not meant in any way to reproduce Hogwarts Castle as described in the Harry Potter books. Instead it is an imaginative and glorious collaboration between two talented artists that have a shared love of miniatures. It is a dream come true!

The first part of this feature is availble to read on line now. This piece was originally published in full glorious colour in issue 203 of Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine. If you have enjoyed reading about this miniature marvel, why not order yourself a copy of the magazine. Better still, why not take out a subscription so that you never miss another issue.


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