How to create a miniature beach hut

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24 March 2022
Candy Chappill gets you in the mood for summer with this adorable little dolls house beach hut project for your miniature scene. Are you ready to get started? Shell yeah!

Seas the day with this DIY miniature series – a day at the beach, where Candy Chappill shows you how to create a quintessentially British seaside scene (but with better weather!)... Up first, learn how to create a miniature beach hut! Download the template for the beach hut below... 

Miniature beach hut tutorial

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You will need

  • 10x10mm wooden dowel
  • 18x4mm wooden dowel
  • Pale blue paint
  • White paint
  • Black paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Coarse grade sandpaper
  • Superglue
  • Saw
  • Sign
  • Split pins

Download template


1. Using 10x10mm wooden dowel, cut, assemble and glue a house frame using the measurements from the template provided.

Miniature beach hut step 1

2. Cut some 18x4mm wooden dowel into 170mm lengths. Start by gluing one length to the bottom of your frame, and then glue them on top of each other at 15mm intervals. When you get to the front of the hut, leave a gap for the door.

Miniature Beach Hut Step 2

3. Once you have clad your whole beach hut, paint it with your desired colour. In this tutorial a thin coat of pale blue paint was used so the wood underneath showed through.

Miniature Beach Hut Step 3

This project originally featured in the February 2015 issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene. Pick up a digital copy of the magazine, or subscribe for year-round inspiration straight to your door or digital device! 

4. Using more of the 18x4mm dowel, cut two strips 155mm long and one strip 40mm and assemble into the top trim of the beach hut, but don't glue onto the beach hut at this stage.

Miniature Beach Hut step 4

5. Once you've assembled your top trim, paint it white.

Miniature Beach Hut step 5

6. Once the paint is dry, glue your trim onto your beach hut. 

Miniature Beach Hut step 6

7. To complete the roof, glue some coarse-grade sandpaper to the top frame of the beach hut.

Miniature beach hut step 7

8. Print (or write) a sign for your beach hut. Use a couple of split pins to decorate the edges. Once complete, glue to the front of your beach hut. 

Miniature Beach Hut step 8

9. Using some black paint, paint the glued sandpaper, to resemble roofing felt. 

Miniature Beach Hut step 9

Enjoy making a miniature beach hut? The fun continues in the next part of our miniature beach series, where Candy makes a miniature surfboard using polymer clay. Surfs up!

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