How to create a wizard's set – a 12th scale dolls house project

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01 October 2021
Learn how to make a selection of wicked Halloween props for your dolls house or miniature scene in this wizard's set tutorial…

Although each wizard has his own style, a lot of elder wizards still like to support a pointed hat decorated with magical symbols or stars. Enjoy this plethora of easy mini projects to make a wizard's hat, broom, crystal ball, spell books, and a magic wand...

Wizard’s set tutorial

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Leather wizard’s hat 

Wizard's hat main

You will need

  • Pattern piece
  • Scrap of soft leather
  • Old paintbrush or wooden stick 
  • Sharp scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • Fluffy trim
  • Charms, etc. to decorate the hat

Download hat template


1. Cut out the leather using the pattern. Just in case you can't get the exact size of the pattern from the download, the measurements are 2-1/14in from point to base, and also 2-1/4in wide from side to side at the widest part. Fold around so the ends meet and glue together into a cone shape, leave to dry. Then, run a line of glue around the bottom and glue on the fluffy trimming.

Wizard's hat step 1

2. Dip the old paintbrush or stick into tacky glue and line the inside of the top of the hat. With your fingers, gently crumple the hat until you're happy with the crumpled old hat shape.

Wizard's step 2

3. Add the finishing touches – gold charms on the fur trim, sequins, crystals or beads.

Wizard’s or witch’s broom 

Broom main

You will need

  • Bamboo kebab stick 
  • Tacky glue
  • Brown florists tape
  • Secateurs or wood clippers
  • Old scissors
  • Cotton thread 
  • Thatching material


1. Cut the bamboo kebab stick in half and remove the point. You'll have two slightly different sized sticks, perfect for making two brooms.

Broom step 1

2. Wind the brown florist's tape down the stick, completely covering the stick and both ends.

Broom step 2

3. Cut a piece of the coconut fibre thatching material about 3in long by about 1/2in diameter. Then dip about 1/4in or 1cm of the handle into tacky glue. Lay the handle on the bristles and gently bring the bristles around the handle. Use cotton thread to wind around the bristles 10 times before knotting and trimming.

Broom step 3

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Wizard’s spell book 

Wizard's spell book main

You will need

  • Ready-made blank books
  • Tacky glue
  • Gold pen
  • Soft leather
  • Sharp scissors
  • Old brush or a cocktail stick


1. Carefully remove the existing cover from the book. Lay this cover onto a piece of leather and cut around. Glue the new leather cover to the blank book and leave to dry.

Wizard's spell book step 1
2. Neatly trim the leather around the book and apply gold marker pen to the edges of the pages, leave to dry. Mark the book spines with the gold marker pen too. To age the books, fan the corners with your fingers.

Spell book step 2

Crystal ball

Crystal ball main image

You will need

  • Two metal filigree bead caps
  • Pretty Marble 
  • Tacky glue


1. Glue the two metal filigree bead caps back-to-back, so you glue the rounded sides together. Leave to dry.

Crystal ball step 1

2. Place your marble on the stand.

Crystal ball step 2

Top tip! Try using different bead caps and sizes of marble to create different looks.

Magical wizard’s wand 

Wizard's wand

You will need

  • Cocktail stick
  • Secateurs or wood shears
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush 
  • Selection of beads
  • Tacky glue


  1. Cut the stick in half - this will make two wands.
  2. Paint with slightly watered-down brown acrylic paint.
  3. Slide on your chosen beads, glue in place and leave to dry.

Now that you've made your wizard’s set, why not add an additional scary touch to your dolls house or miniature scene with this free fright night project?!

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