How to create miniature topiary trees from polymer clay

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16 July 2020
Following this easy tutorial, create miniature lush green topiary trees from polymer clay for your miniature scene, train scene, dolls house or fairy garden.

As part of our 'miniature garden' series we're showing you how to create a miniature topiary trees. Made from polymer clay, these trees can be made in a variety of colour combinations to create a full scene. 

Miniature topiary trees tutorial 

By Candy Chappill. 

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You will need 

  • Polymer clay – green & brown
  • Poster paint – green
  • Polystyrene shapes
  • Baking method
  • Grater
  • Large needle
  • PVA glue
  • Paint brush
  • Roller
  • Spacers – 1mm, 2mm & 3mm
  • Circle cutter
  • Wooden dowel
  • Wooden texture
  • Large drill bit
  • Coping saw


1. Bake a whole block of green polymer clay in an oven at 130ºC for 30 minutes.

2. Once your block has cooled, use a grater to grate the whole block into small flakes.

3. Place a polystyrene ball on a needle. Cover/roll the polystyrene ball in PVA glue, and cover/roll in the green flakes.

4. Once the PVA has dried, paint your trees with some simple poster paint.

5. Roll out some brown polymer clay 5mm thick (using 2mm and 3mm spacers) and cut out some circles.

6. Roll the same clay 1mm thick and wrap around some dowel. Then roll your covered dowel over a wooden texture.

7. Bake your brown components, and once cooled drill a hole in the middle of your circles and bases of your trees.

8. Carefully saw your trunks to the desired length and assemble your trees. Use glue to reinforce if needed.

The joy of these miniature topiary trees is that you can make as many as you like, in a variety of sizes. You could also adapt them to create miniature bushes!


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