How to make a miniature bucket and spade

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05 August 2022
Add an element of fun to your chilled out beach scene by making this cute beach bucket and spade, and fill with realistic water, by Candy Chappill.

Learn how to make your own miniature bucket and spade in just seven easy steps!

DIY miniature bucket and spade tutorial

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You will need:

  • Polymer clay
  • Roller
  • Spacers 3mm
  • Tissue blade
  • Wooden mandrel
  • Baking method
  • Spacers 1.5mm
  • Needle
  • Sand paper
  • Sellotape
  • Casting resin
  • Resin colourant
  • Super Glue

Spade template: 10mm x 35mm

Miniature spade template

Download the spade template


1. Roll out some clay 3mm thick, and cut out a rectangle. Wrap the rectangle around a wooden mandrel taking care with the seam and adding some extra clay for reinforcing if necessary. Once done, bake.

Building a miniature bucket and spade

2. Roll out some clay 3mm thick, and cut out a thin strip. Drape this over a wooden mandrel and bake in position. I baked mine in an oven at 130ºC for 30 minutes.

Building a miniature bucket

3. Roll out some different coloured clay 1.5mm thick, and cut around the spade template. I used a small needle for this. Once done, bake.

Building a miniature spade

4. Once your baked items have cooled, sand the bottom of your cylinder so it creates a nice flat and even base to stand on (this stage is fairly important, so take your time).

Building a miniature bucket

This project originally featured in the February 2016 issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene. Want to revisit past issues of Dolls House & Miniature Scene? Enjoy every issue since 2010 with our digital library

5. Refine your handle and spade carefully using some more sand paper. Be careful especially with the spade, as it will be fairly fragile.

Building a miniature bucket and spade

6. Apply some Sellotape to the flat base of your cylinder, so that it now becomes a container. Mix some casting resin with some blue colourant and pour into your container.

Building a miniature bucket and spade

7. Once your resin has set (usually takes overnight, but can change with the cold weather), remove the Sellotape from the base, and glue the handle into position using some Super Glue.

Building a miniature bucket

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