How to make a miniature bunny wreath

16 March 2023
Follow this simple step-by-step project to create your very own miniature bunny wreath!

Add these adorable bunny wreaths to your miniature scenes! This super seasonal project allows you to choose between decorated eggs or pom poms.

DIY bunny wreath tutorial

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You will need

Materials required

  • Mount board
  • Thick white insert card 
  • Tracing paper
  • Pastel green paper 
  • White felt
  • DMC 25 thread in pastel colours
  • 4mm Silk ribbon bow
  • White polymer clay
  • Watercolours
  • Pastel coloured pencils
  • Iridescent medium 

Tools required

  • Craft knife & scissors
  • Pencil & paint brush
  • Tacky glue
  • Fine point tweezers
  • Small leaf punch


Download the bunny template for your wreath.



1. Cut out the template provided or trace and secure to mount board. Carefully cut out using a sharp craft knife. Any rough edges will be covered with the thread.

2. Cut a 60cm length of DMC thread and glue the end of it to what will be the back of your wreath. Allow to dry. When dry, start wrapping around the wreath, keeping the thread tight. Once all the way round glue down and hold for a minute. Leave to dry and then cut excess thread.

Creating a miniature wreath

Top tip! Try variations on this design by swapping the eggs for pom poms.

3. Trace or cut out the bunny template and transfer to thick white insert card. Carefully cut out using a sharp craft knife. Using a green pen or pencil, go around the edge of your bunny to help it stand out.

Miniature wreath with bunny template

4. Use the leaf template provided (or a suitably sized paper punch) on pastel green paper to create ten leaves. Score through the centre and attach to the wreath.

Adding leaves to the bunny wreath

5. Working with white polymer clay make eggs measuring 6mm x 4mm wide. Bake as per manufacturer’s instructions. When dry use acrylic paints in pastel shades to paint the eggs adding an iridescent medium to give the eggs some sparkle. Secure to the wreath. Finish off the wreath by adding a pom pom on the bunny and a green bow to the top.

finishing the miniature bunny wreath

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