How to make a miniature Christmas tree

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19 November 2020
Make your dolls house or miniature scene all festive with this miniature Christmas tree tutorial.

In this tutorial Carol Clarke shows you how to make a miniature tree with tinsel, baubles and lights. You'll certainly get into the festive spirit! Merry Christmas!

DIY miniature Christmas tree

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You will need

  • Traditional Christmas tree
  • Set of 12v lights 
  • 30x8mm glass beads 
  • 5 lengths of wired tinsel, available from good craft stores
  • 1/8in (3mm) sheer ribbon in one or two colours
  • 30x18mm head pins
  • Small square of Christmas paper
  • Tree topper


1. If you've bought a tree which has been packed in a bag, first tease out the branches into an authentic shape, cutting any branches that look too long. 

2. To cover the tree's wooden base cut a piece of Christmas paper approx 3in (76mm) square. Make a cut in the middle and make a small centre circle big enough to go around the trunk of the tree. Decide which angle the tree looks its best at and starting at the front, glue the paper around the base securing the cut edges at the back of the tree. 

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3. Before you fix the lights to the tree, test them to make sure they all work. Fix your first bulb at the side of the tree and tape down the loose cable at the rear of the base. Continue to wind the lights evenly and mostly at the front and sides as the back of the tree won't be seen. Plug them back in at this stage to ensure you have a nice balance of lighting. 

4. Fix the wired tinsel onto the tree starting at the bottom rear. Loop the tinsel as you go and turn the tinsel completely around each branch to secure it. 

5. To make the baubles, thread a head pin through the hole in the glass bead using a pair of round-nose pliers create a loop in the loose end to hang over a branch of the tree. Repeat this until you've used up your glass beads.

Hang the baubles on the tree tightening as you go. Although we didn't take the lights completely around the tree, there are enough baubles to decorate the back. If you'd prefer not to decorate the back then just make fewer baubles. 

6. Make a number of bows from the ribbon (equal quantities of red and gold were made). Glue the bows to the ends of the branches. Finally, fix your chosen decoration to the top of the tree – a cupid was chosen in this tutorial. 

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