How to make a miniature garden using polymer clay and art clay 

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29 July 2020
Create your own miniature garden for your dolls house, miniature scenes, fairy garden or dioramas with this wonderful series of tutorials using polymer clay and art clay.

It’s time to celebrate gardens! This DIY miniature garden series by Candy Chappill shows you how to make your own miniature garden and is made up of a wonderful set of tutorials using polymer clay and art clay. Browse below to get started… the tricky bit is deciding which one to make first!

Miniature garden series

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Make a miniature bird bath


Make a gorgeous birdbath in polymer clay in six simple steps – the perfect bathing spot for those miniature birds!

Miniature bird bath tutorial 

Make a miniature gate


Learn how to make a rustic garden gate in art clay in seven easy steps – complete with a downloadable template. 

Miniature gate tutorial 

Make a miniature dog kennel


Make a paw-some dog kennel in polymer clay in six simple steps – complete with a downloadable template. 

Miniature dog kennel tutorial 

Make a miniature brick wall


Test your bricklaying skills and make a miniature garden brick wall in polymer clay in just three steps! 

Miniature wall tutorial 

Make a miniature stained glass window


Bring colour to your garden with this beautiful stained glass window tutorial in polymer clay – complete with a downloadable template.

Miniature window tutorial 

Make a miniature fork and spade


Learn how to make this realistic-looking miniature duo in polymer clay – complete with downloadable template.

Miniature fork and spade tutorial

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Make a miniature wheelbarrow


Make this wonderful miniature wheelbarrow in art clay in eight simple steps, perfect for moving ‘foliage’ around your miniature garden scene! 

Miniature wheelbarrow tutorial

Make miniature terracotta pots


Learn how to make a gorgeous selection of miniature terracotta pots in polymer clay in five simple steps!

Miniature terracotta pots tutorial 

Make a miniature Victorian lantern


Light up your miniature garden with this stunning Victorian lantern in art clay – all it takes is 10 simple steps! This tutorial comes complete with a downloadable template.

Miniature Victorian lantern tutorial 

Make miniature paving slabs


Make your own beautiful display of paving slabs in polymer clay in four easy steps. Follow the template or adapt to make your own version!

Miniature paving slabs tutorial 

Make a miniature weather vane


Cock-a-doodle-doo! Add character to your miniature garden with a miniature decorative weather vane using copper clay in five simple steps – complete with downloadable template.

Miniature weather vane tutorial

Make miniature topiary trees


Your garden wouldn’t be complete without trees! Make your own luscious green miniature trees using polymer clay – or adapt to create bushes instead. 

Miniature topiary trees tutorial

Why stop there?

Once you’ve finished the series and are familiar with using clay, you could always add more clay miniatures! Here are some ideas from Candy:

  1. Vegetable patch – how cute would it be to make miniature vegetables from polymer clay?
  2. Shed – so easy to make, just follow the dog kennel project, but enlarge to however big you want it.
  3. Flowers – an easy way to add colour and glam to your garden is to fill your pots with flowers. You can buy miniature flowers from most craft shops.

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