How to make a miniature pumpkin using polymer clay

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17 September 2020
Celebrate all things pumpkin in this autumnal tutorial which shows you how to make a miniature carved pumpkin, PLUS a pumpkin pie, for your dolls house or miniature scene, just in time for Halloween!

Want to make your own mini pumpkin for your dolls house or miniature scene? This miniature pumpkin tutorial is for you – and it’s so simple to do! Sadie Brown takes you through the steps for this quick-make project using polymer clay, bound to add a spooktacular feel this autumn or Halloween.

But that’s not all… There’s a delightful miniature pumpkin pie tutorial for you to make, too! Waste not, want not! Happy carving…

DIY miniature pumpkin tutorial 

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You will need


  • Polymer clay: white, yellow and orange
  • Pastels: golden ochre, dark cadmium orange, brown and yellow
  • Acrylic paint: orange, lemon-yellow and burnt umber
  • Small dried twig
  • Fimo Liquid Gel
  • Matte varnish
  • Superglue


  • 1/12th scale dish
  • Small round miniature jar or small lid
  • Small brushes
  • Small ball tool
  • Needle tool
  • Craft knife

Miniature pumpkin tutorial

1. Mix white clay with a small amount of orange to create a pale peach and roll a small ball to the size you want your pumpkin to be. Use a ball tool or pin to shape.

pumpkin shape using polymer clay

2. Use a needle tool to create the ribbed pumpkin skin.

needle tool and miniature pumpkin

3. Carve a face on to the pumpkins using a needle tool.

carved pumpkin face

4. Use the rim of a miniature jar or a small round lid to create the impression of a cutaway top on the pumpkin.

pumpkin lid shape

5. Bake the pumpkin, also returning the pumpkin pie to the oven for the final time to bake the leaves. Allow to cool. Mix orange and lemon yellow acrylic paint with a little water and give the pumpkin a couple of coats. Mix lemon yellow paint with a very tiny amount of burnt umber and orange, carefully adding to the inside of the pumpkin’s eyes, nose and mouth.

adding colour

6. Seal both the pumpkin and the pumpkin pie with matte varnish.

adding matte varnish to pumpkin

7. Cut a small piece from a tiny dried twig and secure to the top with superglue.

polymer clay miniature pumpkin

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What do you do with the insides of your pumpkin? Make a pumpkin pie, of course!

Miniature pumpkin pie tutorial

1. Mix white and yellow clay to make cream and use a small ball tool to spread the clay inside a 1/12th scale pie dish.

miniature-pie dish

2. Mix grated golden ochre pastel with dark cadmium orange and a touch of brown, brushing the mixture over the pie.

adding colour to the pie

3. Bake the base and allow to cool. Once cooled, mix grated dark cadmium orange and yellow pastel with Fimo Liquid Gel to create the perfect shade of pumpkin pie. Fill the pie base with the mixture, making sure to leave a good rim of visible pastry around the edge.


4. Make the leaves from tiny ‘carrots’ of cream polymer clay. The maple leaf is made from three ‘carrots’ blended together, plus a small added stalk. Brush the leaves with the same pastry tone mixture as used for the pie base.

miniature leaves using polymer clay

5. Arrange the leaves as desired on top of the pie and stick with a little Fimo Liquid Gel.

miniature pumpkin pie

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