How to make miniature bunting

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31 May 2022
Learn how to make miniature bunting for your dolls house or miniature beach scene in this quick and easy tutorial by Candy Chappill...

A British summer’s day at the beach is never complete without some quintessential bunting. Choose your own patterns and colours to match your beach scene perfectly...

Miniature bunting tutorial 

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You will need

  • Patterned paper
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Glue

Download bunting template

Download bunting patterns 


1. Either using the pre-supplied bunting, or your own patterned paper, cut out lots of diamond shapes.

Miniature bunting step 1

2. Fold the diamonds into triangles, then fold and glue them over a piece of string.

Miniature bunting step 2

3. Repeat the previous steps for as long as you want your bunting.

Miniature bunting step 3

Now that you've created your bunting, why not make a miniature deckchair to sit back and enjoy the view? 

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