How to make miniature Christmas Stollen

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28 November 2022
Create a miniature Christmas favourite for your miniature scene or dolls house with this classic Christstollen.

What do you need:
Materials required

  • Polymer clay: white, translucent, sunflower yellow, brown, black
  • Pastels: golden ochre, dark cadmium orange, brown, white, orange, yellow
  • Matte varnish

Tools required

  • Craft knife
  • Needle tool
  • Roller 
  • Small paint brush

1. Mix two parts white polymer clay with one part translucent. Keep adding a little sunflower yellow clay along with grated golden ochre and brown pastel, until you have a shade which resembles that of a rich sponge. Next, lightly colour translucent clay with sunflower yellow clay and grated brown pastel to create the marzipan. Bake a small piece of the marzipan mixture to ensure you’re happy with the colour as it will alter once baked.

2. Roll a 1.3cm ball of the main mix out into a rectangle 4mm in thickness. Roll the marzipan mixture into a tube 2mm in diameter. Cut a length of the tube to fit across the rectangle and place on top of the rolled out clay.

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3. Roll the rectangle around the tube and seal the ends so the ‘marzipan’ is no longer visible. Form a basic loaf shape before using the handle of a paintbrush to create the sloping shape of a Stollen. Mix grated golden ochre pastel with dark cadmium orange and brown to make a golden shade of ‘just baked’. Brush the mixture liberally over the Stollen.

4. Place the Stollen into the freezer for a few minutes, allowing the clay to harden up before removing it and cutting away a couple of slices. Texture the visible cake and slices using a needle tool.

5. Mix translucent clay with orange and yellow pastel. Take tiny pieces of this mixture, along with black and brown clay, inserting tiny balls of each into holes made in the textured areas of the cake and slices with a needle tool. Add a few final pieces of fruit to the tops before baking.

6. Once cooled, coat the top of both the cake and slices with matte varnish. Whilst the varnish is still wet and able to act as an adhesive, sprinkle liberally with grated white pastel.

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