How to make miniature doughnuts using polymer clay

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09 June 2022
Miniature polymer clay doughnuts Miniature polymer clay doughnuts by Sadie Brown
Give your dolls house residents a treat with these easy-to-make 1/12th scale miniature strawberry doughnuts using polymer clay - tutorial courtesy of Sadie Brown...

With polymer clay and a handful of other materials/tools, you'll have these miniature doughnuts made in no time. These use pink clay to create 'strawberry' doughnuts, but you could replace with any colour clay you like!

DIY miniature doughnuts tutorial

By Sadie Brown

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You will need


  • White, translucent, sunflower yellow & light pink polymer clay
  • Golden ochre, dark cadmium orange and brown pastels
  • Sculpey Bake & Bond
  • 1/12th scale plate


  • Small brushes 
  • Needle tool or sewing pin


1. Make cream clay by mixing 1-part white and 1-part translucent polymer clay with a little sunflower yellow. Take three 7mm balls of cream clay, flattening just a little before using a needle tool or similar to create the hole in the centre of the ‘dough’, giving the ring doughnuts their familiar shape.

Miniature doughnut shapes using cream polymer clay

2. Lightly brush the doughnuts with a grated golden ochre, dark cadmium orange and brown pastel mixture. Bake the doughnuts and allow them to cool thoroughly.

Dusted polymer clay doughnuts

This project originally featured in the July 2020 issue of Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine – get your copy for the full tutorial or subscribe for year-round inspiration... There's so much to explore! 

3. Mix Bake & Bond with pink clay to create the icing. You can either use just the one pink or use several different shades to vary the look of the doughnuts. Dip the doughnuts in the icing and push the needle tool through the centre to ensure the hole remains visible. Bake and allow to cool once again.

Miniature polymer clay doughnuts with pink 'icing'

4. Mix some Bake & Bond with cream clay and use this along with one or two shades of pink/Bake & Bond to add patterns of your choice to the iced doughnuts with a needle tool. This can be a simple drizzle, dots, or something entirely new, the only limits are how many ideas you can come up with! Return the doughnuts to the oven for the final time to bake the decoration. Add the doughnuts to plates. 

Miniature doughnuts with other polymer clay makes]

Sticking with the 'strawberry' theme, have you tried to make these miniature strawberry cupcakes using polymer clay, yet? They're great fun, super realistic and you won't believe how easy they are to make! 

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