Interview: Aurearte's Dream of a Miniature White Christmas

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28 November 2022
Aurearte's unique miniature Christmas collection reflects the magic of the holiday season. Áurea Segura, the artist behind Aurearte Miniatures, uses the best materials to hand paint each and every detail of her exclusive pieces.

The holiday season is a time of sharing and rejoice. Friends and family gather to celebrate, whether it's Christmas, Hanukkah or any other festivity. The streets are filled with smiles on the crowd's faces as they wander around in the winter's crisp air. The leaves have fallen, the breeze has cooled and snowflakes descend to paint the scene of white. Everyone's “dreaming of a white Christmas” like the song says - the perfect excuse to sit around the chimney, light a fire and sip on a hot chocolate. The warmth of the fire brings back memories of past years and fills our hearts with happiness.

Detail of handmade and hand painted Christmas themed cushions representing the season’s festivities. All upholstered by Aurearte.

Áurea Segura, the artist behind Aurearte Miniatures, is always moved by this time of the year. She enjoys every second of the holiday season with her family as they all gather to celebrate life. She really enjoys walking around her native Barcelona with her daughters and her shih-tzu dogs as the city lights up with themed Christmas markets selling various hot foods, beverages and homemade gifts. 

Her city as it dresses of Christmas really inspires her and this year Áurea has created a stunning Christmas collection - the perfect gift for any doll house lover. She has worked tirelessly on this unique set, using the best materials to achieve the perfect colour combinations.

A decorative chimney panel, also uniquely hand painted with fine oil colours.

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Áurea's wishes of a white Christmas are reflected in her exclusive pieces, from the smallest detail of one of her sofas or cushions, to the chimney portrait of Santa Claus with his bag of presents. Her one-of-a-kind handpainted pieces are just that: the present every doll house enthusiast would like Santa Claus to bring in his bag!

A hand painted Christmas themed bureau which highlights the crisp winter days.

Scenes of a snowman or a Christmas tree handpainted with great care for every detail. Áurea uses oil paints and the thinnest of brushes to work on the meticulous detailing of each and every Aurearte Miniatures scene. Just admiring one of her Christmas themed cushions, one is transported to a winter day preceding the magical evening when Santa Claus will land his sleigh on every rooftop. Aurearte Miniatures aim to transmit that magic, that feeling of rejoice and innocence. 

A beautiful set of chairs with handmade and hand painted cushions illustrating Christmas. 

Feature by Sofia Noragues.
To see more of Áurea’s work visit:

Inspired to create and decorate your own festive scene? Why not start by creating a Christmas classic - miniature mince pies! Feeling a little more adventurous? Why not create and decorate your very own miniature gingerbread houses! 

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