Make a Miniature Furled Parasol - Beginners Dolls House Project

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17 March 2011
imports_HAC_thefullshopwindowdisp_82185.gif The Full Shop Window Display
Hazel Dowd of Little People has been creating interior fittings for Asquith & Alder, a ladies gown and millinery shop. This wee little project is to make a simple, yet effective, furled parasol for your Victorian or Edwardian dolls house or shop. ...
Make a Miniature Furled Parasol - Beginners Dolls House Project Images

Originally situated in the window display of Asquith and Alder, the parasol is one of many items Hazel has made to adorn the shop. To display items in a shop window, Hazel uses a piece of card the same measurements as the window display area, and builds her display with all the items onto this card. It can then be easily slotted in and grip-waxed down. This method also makes the seasonal changing of window displays a far more appealing prospect.

For the Furled Parasol, you will need:

  • Thin brass wire or cocktail stick
  • Beads suitable for the handle
  • Silk fabric
  • Silk Ribbon
  • Lace
  • Thin Cotton thread
  • Glue



  • If using a cocktail stick with both pointed ends, cut the point off one end. Paint as/if required.
  • Find a bead that will fit over the stick or brass wire to make the handle
  • Fit thin cotton thread through the bead to form a loop.
  • Glue the bead in place onto the stick and trim away excess thread.


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  • Use a corner of a sheet of paper to get the lines straight.
  • Measure a triangle 1-3/4" on each side, draw a straight line across and cut 1/4" off the two ends leaving one point.
  • Cut out this pattern from silk Habotia (a very fine silk).
  • Fold up the point and glue to the rod or cocktail stick.



  • Turn in one side, using a little glue on the rod or stick to hold the silk in place.
  • Turn in a small hem along the remaining side.
  • Twist around the stick. A few spots of glue on the underside before twisting will help the fabric to stick.



  • Cut a 2" length of lace and sew gathering stitches down the middle
  • Pull up the gathering stitches and glue around the top of the silk, hiding the cut edge.
  • Run a length of fine ribbon around the centre of the lace and glue down.
  • Make a tiny bow or rose and glue over the join.



The full article was published in issue 201 of Dolls House & Miniature Scene. If you'd like a copy of the magazine, please click here. Or better still, why not take out a subscription so that you never miss an issue.


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