Make a Miniature Spooky Boot Planter to Decorate the Dolls House for Halloween

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24 October 2011
imports_HAC_main-image-4-2-_12278.jpg Make a Miniature Spooky Boot Planter to Decorate the Dolls House for Halloween
Halloween is just around the corner and Mags Cassidy has provided this miniature spooky boot planter and witches hat hanging basket for you to make for your doll house. Both miniatures are suitable for both beginners and advanced polymer clay artists alike. ...
Make a Miniature Spooky Boot Planter to Decorate the Dolls House for Halloween Images

Materials Required

  • Cernit Clay Nature Range: Sienna (972) (or similar)
  • Cernit Clay Number One Range: Opaque white (027), Champagne (055), Brown (800)
  • Craft Knife
  • Ball ended or Hockey Stick tool
  • Rolling Pin or small glass bottle
  • Artist pastel - Ochre & Brown
  • White Tacky Glue
  • Raindeer moss (colour of choice)
  • Textured paper (Indian craft paper) or small piece of leather
  • Cocktail Stick
  • Paintbrush (Small)


The Spooky Boot Planter

Step 1

  • Work the clay until soft by rolling and flattening in your hands
  • Roll into a log or sausage shape and bend into a right angle.
  • Roll the toe of the boot between your fingers to make it pointed
  • Take a ball ended tool and hollow out the top of the boot.



  • Add a few creases by lightly pressing with a cocktail stick.
  • Lightly press paper or leather onto the surface to create texture.
  • Make a heel for the boot and press into place on the bottom.
  • Turn up the toe and twist slightly.


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Step 2

  • Roll out a thin piece of clay and make a buckle shape
  • This does not have to be perfect......
  • Press the buckle lightly onto the front of the boot.



Step 3 - Toadstools

  • Work a little brown clay and gently press into the top of the boot
  • Make a few holes to push the toadstools into with a cocktail stick
  • Mix together a little white and champagne clay until soft
  • Roll half of the clay into a long log and put to one side (stalks)
  • With the rest make toadstool shapes, pointed at the top.
  • Texture the top with some Indian craft paper or similiar.
  • Scrape some ocre and brown pastel onto your work tile
  • Use a small brush to apply the colour to the toadstools, ochre first, then brown.
  • Cut the stalks to fit into the holes in the 'soil' and plant.
  • Put the caps on top of the stalks.
  • Bake the boot according to the instructions on the packet.



Step 4

  • Once baked and cool, glue some reindeer moss into place around the toadstools..
  • The colours are up to you.



Witches Hat Hanging Basket

  • Use the same clay as for the boot. These items are supposed to look like terracotta garden items.
  • Work the clay until soft.
  • Roll out a log shape, then roll one end thinner and to a point.
  • Flatten out the other end to form the crown.
  • Roll out more clay and flatten into a rough circle shape.
  • Attach the base of the crown to the had brim and press into place.
  • Press all over with textured paper.




  • Cut out a buckle as for the boot.
  • Make an indentation twice around the hat for a hat band.
  • Add the buckle.
  • Make 3 holes in the brim for hanging the basket.
  • Bake following the instructions on the save energy make both boot and hat and bake together.



  • When cool attach chain or string to hang.
  • Fill the inside with flowers and foliage.
  • Have fun!


This DIY project was first published in Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine. If you like making miniatures for your dolls house why not buy yourself a copy of the magazine. Better still why not take out a subscription so you never miss another exciting issue. For fans of Facebook and Twitter, please use the buttons at the top of this page to share the fun with your miniature loving friends.

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