Miniature beach scene series: our complete guide

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12 August 2022
Learn how to make a beach landscape complete with your essential seaside accessories in our miniature beach series by Candy Chappill.

Looking to create your own miniature tropical paradise? Follow our miniature beach series, where you can make your own authentic beach scene complete with beach huts, palm trees, fish and chips, deck chairs and more! 

Create your miniature beach scene

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Beach scene

Miniature beach scene

Learn how to make a beach landscape in this quick and simple tutorial.

Get started

Beach hut

Miniature beach hut

Get in the mood for summer with this adorable little dolls house beach hut project for your miniature scene. Are you ready to get started? Shell yeah!

Start building


Miniature surfboards

It's time to go with the flow and make your own miniature surfboard! Just download the template and follow the six simple step-by-step instructions.

Surfs up!


Miniature windmills

Follow the nine simple step-by-step instructions to create these quaint little windmills in this fun tutorial.

Add some colour


Miniature parasol

Add some much-needed shade to your miniature beach scene with this super easy floral parasol tutorial.

Enjoy some shade!


Miniature deck chair

What would beach life be without a relaxing deckchair? Sit back and relax while enjoying the sea breeze with this miniature deckchair! Complete the project in just nine simple steps...


Palm tree

Miniature palm tree

Add a pop of colour and some iconic beach foliage to your beach scene with this super simple to make miniature palm tree.

Let's get tropical


Miniature bunting

A British summer’s day at the beach is never complete without some quintessential bunting. Choose your own patterns and colours to match your beach scene perfectly.

Start decorating

Rubber ring

Miniature rubber rings

Add some fun to your beach scene, with these bright and colourful miniature inflatable rubber rings.

Take a dip in the sea

Picnic table

Miniature picnic table

 A day at the beach can work wonders for your appetite, but before lunch, get a perfect picnic spot set up with this miniature picnic table.

Take a seat!

Fish and chips

Miniature fish and chips

Enjoy lunch by the sea in the next part of our miniature beach series, with this easy-to-follow miniature fish and chips tutorial.

Tuck in!

Bucket and spade

Miniature bucket and spade

Add an element of fun to your chilled out beach scene by making this cute beach bucket and spade, filled with realistic water.

Dig away

Completed your miniature beach scene? Why not take a look at our collection of miniature tutorials, step-by-steps and interviews - find your next project or browse for inspiration.

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