Miniature bee skep tutorial using polymer clay 

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14 March 2022
Learn how to make a miniature bee skep using polymer clay in this quick-make tutorial by Sadie Brown, perfect for your garden miniature scene. 

Put a spring in your skep and mark World Bee Day with a fun, imaginative twist on a decorative bee skep. Sadie Brown shows you how in just four steps!  

How to make a miniature bee skep for your dolls house 

By Sadie Brown 

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You will need 


  • Ecru polymer clay 
  • Acrylic paints in yellow ochre, burnt umber & cream 
  • Pastels in green, lemon yellow & brown 
  • 1mm gold tone jewellery wire 
  • Matte varnish 
  • Faux foliage 
  • All-purpose glue 


  • Small brushes 
  • Needle tool 
  • Craft knife 
  • Jewellery wire cutters 
  • Tape measure 


1. Roll out two tubes of ecru polymer clay. One tube should measure 710mm in length and just under 4mm in diameter. The second should measure 530mm in length and 3mm in diameter. 

Ruler and polymer clay tube

2. Begin forming the structure of the first bee skep by shaping one end of the 530mm tube into a circle. Keep going, adding additional circles, one on top of the other, each one slightly smaller than the last. This will create the graduated appearance of the bee skep. Repeat with the longer tube, creating a larger skep. 

Polymer clay shaped as a bee skep

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3. Use a needle tool to make a small hole in the front of both skeps. Create the fun ‘way in’ to the larger skep by constructing a tiny skep from a 170mm length of clay, cutting a doorway. Roll a tube of clay 6mm in diameter and cut a slice 10mm in length, angled to fit snugly against the main skep and the entrance. Bake everything and allow to cool.

Glue the tube to the front of the skep, with the tiny entrance on the other end. Mix yellow ochre acrylic paint with burnt umber and cream to create a light golden shade. Paint the smaller skep using this mixture and the larger skep with cream. Once dry, coat with matte varnish. Mix green grated pastel with lemon yellow and brown to create a mossy green tone and sprinkle a few patches over the skeps whilst the varnish is still tacky. 

Miniature polymer clay bee skeps, pastel and paintbrush

4. Cut a short length of 1mm gold tone jewellery wire and mould into a heart shape. Glue a selection of different faux foliage and miniature leaves to both skeps to decorate before sticking the heart into position on top of the cream skep. 

Finished, decorated polymer clay bee skeps

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